The More You Pay, The Better It Tastes, It’s Science!

this is a story from Cornell University
basically found out that the more you pay for your food the
better you think a taste yeah the Brian widened 16 who is the PhD
in Co other this study he said we were surprised by the result
especially we found that pricing had little impact on how much one eat but a huge impact on how one interprets
the experiences and then a little methodology for the
researchers are pretty 139 dieters all-you-can-eat buffet at an upscale Italian restaurant free
their four dollars for eight dollars both extremely cheap by Raju you have
been a good of me that you’re doing okay though the diner the famed booed at the
same amount up with those who paid eight dollars read their meal an average
of 11 percent higher the board on diners were more likely to
feel guilty that they’ve over eaten I i mean this is this is kinda fascinate
is interesting but I question the pricing that they decided on how they
did it because I think about alright if I I am I gonna feel like the food is
better quality if I paid eight dollars for as opposed to four dollars for it yeah because four dollars is incredibly
light all about the for a meal with sushi yeah right so I like sushi and I always
think it’s for the people who I want to go there cost too much like it’s sushi you want
to get a cheap sushi yeah he wanted to give go to a sushi
buffet are you shitting me police or sushi at 7-11 are rather fatass thinking ahead of both in mind it
was fantastic guy really quick though I just wanna make a really quick point about pricing because I
wonder how the results would change if you started talking about upscale dining select they’re going to a
restaurant I’m where its over a hundred dollars for two people
right I combined room I think at that point
you’re gonna be a lot more critical the cuisine and so look this is toll anecdotal
evidence right but out last weekend I took my mom out for
her birthday I wanted to take her somewhere nice and it was like upscale dining whatever and I was
insanely credible Mike I don’t know this is an arm and a leg is it gonna really
taste like a No this is not a great it’s not worth the
money you know what I mean yeah I wonder about that being done studies where
restaurants purposely with the price of lobster goes
down they don’t put the price down because they don’t want people to think
that they’re somehow getting cheaper you know shot only wise but so
and worse meet up with an interesting piece was
written by James directly in the new yorker and he talked about
this this paradox he says hi prices become an important part the lobsters image and with many luxury
goods expenses closely linked to enjoy mid studies have shown that people prefer
inexpensive wines in blind taste tests but they actually get more pleasure from
drinking wine they are told is expensive if lobster was price like chicken we
might enjoy it lasted too surprisingly complex attempt to both respond to and shape what customers want i think is
pretty interesting with the winding yeah forty days I don’t know how anyone yet
there’s a difference between two buck chuck at Trader Joe’s and you know like a six
dollar bottle because two buck chuck is just that bad the and I think they’d
even said it’s technically not even wind its like spring I have something else
that retail release a healthier ’em but I don’t know that you could tell
the difference could you tell the difference between a fifteen dollar
bottle into an underdog I’ve in fact I’ve had better have guys a I go to dinner of what this guy’s
a big why not hmm and so he’ll do that like he’ll
bring a really expensive bottle in the know and then and quite often the less expensive
bottle I like better on my tongue then the more expensive bottle in sometimes more stings aged turned anyway
yet your your point is is this that league record I think that
works with the wind but had lobster there’s no way to take and get ever
taste as good as lobsters with butter on it right below the fire alarm are lower
some crab would bar what is that about Byron crap
what you’re never butter yet butter but it’s something
about the putting it with the crab right do you like we don’t know how long
their lobster which I love by the way it doesn’t it
doesn’t taste it is like a baller back even if you don’t put butter on it I
feel like all right there’s only like maybe it takes patty I don’t know the
back on tendons in lobster I never looked into it because I just don’t want
to I’ll be there yeah ignorance is bliss
but yet when experts you the first time I tried lobster I
didn’t think I’d like lobster because I went to a place there is such
thing as good and bad laps the race that when you get a lot there’s little tip get cold water lobster warm water
lobster lot tougher tends to be tougher can be bad don’t get the Caribbean lobster get
Australian get me my love a dr’s world problem discussion ever
happening right now what before you really matter when I love Kaze
helicopter bad I was able to muster a belgrade no idea who you know it doesn’t really
cost that much the better i mean the you get I it doesn’t so you can get a good lobster
you can get a good crap and you know i mean authored audiences that you gotta
treat yourself again lived life right is it there is no happier how he
had enjoyed now

100 thoughts on “The More You Pay, The Better It Tastes, It’s Science!

  • Actually, before lobster became associated with upscale dining in the 1920s, it was a cheap protein alternative for the poor. It wasn't until the 1880s that lobster was cooked live and it was found to taste better that way.

  • They chose those prices because it's a research study and not a restaurant… they can't charge 100 for research, it will greatly affect the outcome, more than charging less would. It would be interesting to see but you'll only be getting the results of rich people. This way it's a bit more even. Although I suppose you might get slightly more poorer people since they would probably respond to this and rich people might think it's too cheap but I think that's less likely. 

  • They've been doing stuff like this on Penn and teller and Howard Stern for years. Most people have incredibly underdeveloped pallets and have no idea what the hell anything it's supposed to taste like to get played like suckers on a regular basis based entirely on price and on being told what restaurant something comes from.

  • Atlantic cold water fish is better than any warm water fish. Something about the cold water. The lobster thing is funny. Many years ago poor fisherman would have to feed their family lobster. At that time it was an embarrassment to have to feed you family these bottom dwellers as it showed how poor you were. The old Lobster has come a long way.

  • Makes sense!
    Tests have shown that even professional wine tasters cannot tell the difference between a $5 bottle, and a $60 bottle of wine when blindfolded.

  • Good study to know.  It's people's psyche.  Just like you can sell a lot more of something pricing it $3.99 vs $4.00. 

  • Theory of Cognitive Dissonance- This is ancient science from the '70's.  Nothing new or surprising.

  • Exactly why we need to shift income tax to sales tax. Stupid people with too much money need to start footing the bills.

  • nothing too surprising, a study a while back showed that food tastes better if prepared by someone else, no matter the place, so if your wife/girlfriend "Makes you a sandwich" it actually tastes better than if you had made it yourself.
    The stuff i cook always seems to taste better to my girlfriend than it does to me, so there's a bit of direct experience.

  • I think sushi is completely off topic here. Yes, some places are dirt cheap and some will empty your bank account but when it comes to sushi, some is extremely fresh and well made and put together while some is out of date, soggy and made from crap.
    I think what they are talking about is buying a cheap pack of hamburger from a store vs a more expensive burger from a nice butcher shop.
    Most people wouldn't be able to twll the difference between the 2 unless you know the difference in price/qualit

  • Obviously this study didnt look at kitchen nightmares. Those people charge over 20$ for a dish that was microwaved and rotten, sitting in fridges with mold and sick

  • Trying to convince themselves they love lobster, but confessing it's in the butter the whole time…………lolololololololo

  • They have done tests also that show that the packaging of alcahol such as wine also affects the taste. Theres a reason why all fast food has red and yellow in their logos

  • It sounds like the same nonsense with audiophile products where a $1000 cable supposedly sounds a lot better than a $50 one.

  • Smug people justify themselves spending a lot of money by saying oh how great the high priced wine/food is . There are markets that live of  that . Just look at Starbucks, and other "fancy" coffee places.

  • Lobster is as low as $3 a pound here, and it's the same lobster you'll pay $20 for in a restaurant. Some people are just delusional.

  • Funny thing about Lobster, is that it was considered a peasant food at one point and time. The rich thought it was disgusting, and low class to eat it.

  • I can be quite critical about food in general regardless of price. High end restaurants have always been a hit or miss. Service is usually pretty good, the atmosphere is usually good but the food in and of itself is a mixed bag. The sides might be good but the entree might suck, vice versa or sometimes the dessert is the only good part of the meal. Best steak I had was at Fleming's despite their right wing leanings I came to fine out and the worst was at Chops Grille on the Royal Caribbean ship.

  • Hopefully that research wasn't done by our tax dollars. The research results are already there from a psychology study in the 1970's.Here's a quarter for a clue, quit spending and financing stupid theory's. it's not necessary and most of the results are common sense that even the man in the poorest section of town can answer.

  • I've been saying this for years. It started with my dislike of caviar so now I'm glad I have evidence to bring to the table for my argument.

  • As an Asian (as in from the continent of asia) I can tell you the lower the price the more I enjoy the food.

  • Ana, don't be afraid of fat in lobster, in 1 cup you have only 1.2 g of fat.  What you do have to watch is the Cholesterol, which is 212mg or 70%! RDA. and (get ready to salt your driveway) Sodium is a whopping 705 mg, or 29% RDA!  Enjoy!    Bruce

  • Unless your poor. I can tell you right now food in Detroit, mi and its suburbs taste better then food in Lansing, Mi and its suburbs. The cost of Living is higher in Lansing and its suburbs 

  • wow if more than 100 dollars (75 euro's ish) is upscaling dining than damn you pay that in every restaurant really : if i want an appetizer or cocktail, main course + drinks & a dessert, you'll probably end up paying 150 dollars ish. 

  • I went to a restaurant with my boyfriend and it was $90 for two of us and the food wasn't that great.Four of us went out last night and the tab all together was $82 and the food and service was so much better.

  • "Caribbean lobster" is actually crayfish. it taste different then Atlantic lobster because they are different  animals 

  • @Ana Kasparian @Rubin Report I'm 37yrs old old school stoner and welfare moocher without any more education than trade school the 90s this old news even to me ..
    Taste experience is much more complicated as you would think, human taste 6 basic flavor all after that all is created by another senses in Co operation with brains like smell, feeling texture, temperature, color etc etc.
    They did test to about dozen of people all tasters of well known premium
    wines and global traders of expensive wines and they wasn't able to notice that when they tough to be drinking red wine even though they was drink white wine, colored with food colors to look like red wine, and no one was able to notice that they was drinking white wine…
    And brand name vs generic drugs have huge difference how people experience effects of drugs even totally same pills.
    And factor of pricing is known in every field of business long time already, and if those are seen as luxury brands proper pricing is even more important…
    And I don't even go to decision making process if something taste good, company you eat with, where, when, why etc etc plays huge role in overall experience which often gives little cold plating to details not so perfect


    There you go Anna 😉 You're not eating fat at all…even if it tastes like it to you.

  • this is false as shit to me, it is true in some aspect but growing up poor wasting money leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  • This is something that has been known since humanity has existed. I suppose they just quantified the information to prove it. People are fucking stupid. You could make something with dirt and people would eat it if it had a high price tag.

  • One limit I can see in this study is that seems to only cover $4-8. I would wonder if the same effect also occurs at higher prices, since people may become skeptical or feel the meal was of a low value compared to the price. I also wonder what effects it has on the perception of value per dollar; Does the increase in the enjoyment justify the prices? And does this affect overall satisfaction?

  • dave is way off base. "2 buck chuck" as they call it, has actually beaten expensive wine in in actual wine tasting events help by like experts in the field. the thing is that it's rather in consistant in quality. a lot of people will go to trader joes buy a bottle of it, take out side and taste it for quality if it's a good batch they'll go back in and buy a whole case of it or more. 

  • I get so sad hearing the US prices on eating out. Under $100 for 2 people in an upscale place? … in Norway, you can barely get 2 big pizzas for $100 ordering from a place. I don't eat out very much, since it costs too much, but last time I was out eating, it was about $250 for my wife and I. Though my sister-in-law is a chef, so she making food is easily better. Both in taste and price.

  • McLobster is great 🙂 They should set the price by the true cost , I get Subs in china town for 3$ that are better then 9$ at subway , food is better when you can get the same for less , will you can always buy lobster form those dude`s sealing it out of the back of there car down the road , it is cheap 🙂

  • I don't think any of this is really fair. I've been to pretty much every price-scale of restaurant, and you really can't compare the food 1-to-1 between scales. The only exception is Chinese food, which tends to be economical even in top quality dives. For example, I've been to Ruth's Chris, and while my filet was immaculate, and my wife's lobster equally so, I can't say the experience was any better than Mike's Grill at about half the price per plate. And Mike's didn't play the silly a la carte game that Ruth's Chris did which added to the stuffy atmosphere even if the view of Crystal City was amazing.

    My experience has been that you tend to have the best dining experience at about $35 a plate – it is the same top quality food you get at the really pricey places with a lot more ambiance to go along with.

    Oh, and let me be a wine nerd for a second. The reason people tend to prefer less expensive wines is because they're made ready-to-drink. If you're paying more than $50 for a bottle of red, you're buying TANNIN and a few years of cellaring. I can guarantee you that there is no cheap red out there that can beat an '82 Petrus, although plenty will beat a 2009 Petrus because the latter just ISN'T READY YET.   

  • This is why the middle class is the growth of a nation. Not the upper class.
    Time to reduce the power of the government…

  • it doesnt cost a lot to eat good. i eat a big plate of fried rice, tuna and octopus incuded and a 1 litre bottle of green tea for $2.

  • Really?! I eat at Vietnamese restaurants because they are inexpensive, and the flavors are incredible.

  • That may work for some, but that doesn't work for me. It doesn't matter if it's  a $500 meal, if it tastes like crap, it tastes like crap.

  • As a chef this doesn't surprise me. There isn't much difference between high end dishes and the more mediocre ones. People eat with their eyes more than their taste buds.

  • Maybe not add that bit at the end. Unless you have died and come back to life and know many other that have done the same, who are you to say there is no heaven or hell?

  • This is another evidence that the market consumers are not rational actors, but subject to the vendors' mark-up pricing.

  • I remember eating crabs: Chesapeake crabs, steamed, just right amount of salt, $1 a dozen. 38 years ago, by the way. 😉
    But I loved it, compared to, say, Big Macs.

  • Penn and Teller used this very often on their show "Bullshit!"  so good for them some actual scientifically conducted studies back up their scenarios.

  • I agree with Ana on this one. You're not paying for the food at these $200 per meal places, you're paying for the ambiance and exclusivity. A $20 meal can be just as good. Wine varies more than food does. If you find something you like, go with it. Don't worry about the price. There's absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying a $10 bottle of wine more than a $100 bottle.

  • I'm pretty skeptical of this; when I have to pay $15 for a burger, my thought is, "This better be one fuckin' AMAZING burger."

    P.S.: I've only had lobster once…and I could've lived a very fulfilling life without that experience. And fuck wine nuts.

  • Meeeh maybe. But I've had some meals I spent a lot on that I really didn't enjoy. It's a shame, but it happens.

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