The Building of Brownwood – Exciting Construction Plans

the Brownwood construction site
continues to be a beehive of activity but soon it will be a place for you
enjoy and even call home this month will bring you a
behind-the-scenes look at all the changes taking place in and outside the majestic barnstorm theater.
We’ll also sit down for a very personal chat with landscape architect
Michael Pape and designer Tracy Matthews all that and much more coming up you will
not want to miss a minute so put on your hard hat it’s time for the
building a Brownwood. Earlier I stopped by the design center
to talk to designer Tracy Matthews and landscape architect Michael Pape about
the layout and a design of Brownwood Take us back to the beginning when Pape
first arrived in The Villages just what you did and where you’ve gone since then. It’s scary to think how long that’s been but it’s also very gratifying to think
about how long it’s been actually uh… twenty five years ago we
started working with The Villages design group and uh… I was ten… … I was still in high school back then … way way back… of course i don’t think anybody
except perhaps the Morse’s really new
where The Villages was going at that point in time with them indeed it was Orange Blossom Gardens
and things work quite different in terms of what we were building and what we
were selling and uh… again it’s all been a
progression from there just getting better and more exciting more vibrant as
we’ve gone along obviously a project of the scope has to
start with this and this and this tell us how that works.
Master planning involves a lot of masterplanning Tracy can attest to the fact that this really began as a seed with the design team years and years ago i would say a minimum of five or six
years ago and uh… pre dated any developments south of four sixty six so before the first house was built south before sixty six we have determined were Brownwood
would be and it’s uh… it’s actually very
involved process that hopefully looks very simple when we’re
done you know to to wind up with the town
that looks like it’s been there for decades or even you know hundred
years or more um… it’s not a challenge but it’s a it’s a
process that you have to think through and a lot of creative energy goes into
that we’re sculpting exterior spaces those are spaces that have to have character
and charm and quality for people to enjoy whether it’s taking a walk whether it’s just driving
through whether sitting out in a restaurant in a cafe by the sidewalk
enjoying our beautiful order whether all of those things that have to be
thought out and we have to create those out of a very wide open area you know i
think when people think of landscape architects they think of plants and trees and things like that yet there’s so much more to the process with what Michael and his company do from from the brick pavers to the the
walkways and everything the whole environment of what you walking on in looking at is is done by a landscape architect polanski architecture starts where the building wall is and goes out so it’s really the creation
of the exterior environment we’re coming out of the ground but only with the first phase we’re building down what we call
west or safe drive into paddock square on both sides of the street and then after we finish with the
phase one we’re starting to design process
for some of the next phases and we’ll build ourselves around the square how many phrases are they going to be? Were
not quite sure it’ll probably I would guess it’ll be three or four more. he planning is even happening as the
buildings we are yes we’re still we’re still in that development planning stages you know phase one is going up where you working on the next part. Just to give you an overview of
the master plan, we have to the east on the side of Brownwood Buena Vista boulevard comes down from the north and intersects and basically ends at state road forty four on the west side we have Powell road uh… course we have the five roads that bring traffic of a smaller scale off of the four lanes right into the heart of Brownwood in our development with that heart being the the figurative and literal heart
being Paddock Square. The first phase as Tracy explained
started from the east and come in on west parched porch lake dr course of the most notable building that
anyone who looks or drives by now will see is the barnstorm theater which is the large building here just
east of the square basically five buildings that are shown
on the plan so those areas in the associate parking
constitute phase one. Who knew who would believe you know when when this all started and my dad was
here with all his whacky ideas who’s gonna believe that and and and it takes that certain amount
of trust and faith and a leap of faith to the follow a dream that that doesn’t quite seem like they could
come to fruition and over the years that’s how you you know but so we’ve been lucky enough to build
a team we had people that were think outside the box that said yeah we can do that we we create so
many spaces not just in their town centers but throughout our community for people
to walk ride bicycles rollerblade um… their golf cars uh… Segways however they want to get around in The
Villages wherever you go the environment is beautiful and and that just makes you feel wonderful
it makes you happier and more alive and get younger every day. You don’t want to leave.
You definitely know when you are here and you definitely know when you’re not
and that is uh… you can always tell when you’re coming
into The Villages no matter what direction you’re coming from and that is a
true sense of pride. Brownwood is going to be i think a
unique project built on everything that we’ve learned
up to now and its such a pleasure to have the opportunity to to do this uh… we think it’s going to be one of
the crowning jewels of The Villages. Over two hundred trees will be planted
in Brownwood mostly native evergreen live oaks. Taz of T&D Concrete teaches me
a thing or two about the art of laying stone when we come back Sumter County was created in eighteen
fifty three and named for the last surviving General of the American Revolution Thomas Sumter of Virginia. You know we’ve seen some pretty
technical things on the inside some high-tech equipment some truly skilled craftsmen that out here
and it looks like just a matter of take a little mud grab a rock throw of the place and the voila! you have a wall. I imagine it goes something like that right Taz?
I don’t think you do it quite like that. I could go get my kid out of day care to do
that I have been put in my place – how
old is he? Six. A six year old to do better
than I did oh well Taz from T&D concrete is not just a mason, he’s
more of an artist I guess. yeah. This is a skilled trade skilled profession – and I did it totally wrong. Well yea you didn’t think about it and it’s
always easier you just put it in there but you’re gonna teach me the right way
to do it now this is usually a one man job
though right? oh yea. You’re helping me out I don’t think that’s enough mud yea, a little bit more load it up. supersize it all right you gotta like that Taz,
no, more? Yeah we’ll – holy cow this guy’s a mud man. you’ve got somebody who keeps the mud
comin for you so you can keep workin. Now how’s that? That’s not too bad that’s pretty
good. You want to set it in there? Is there a method to the madness here? You know we’re going to try to put that
point right there for the start of this There’s sort of a natural groove there – uh oh
I just made a big mistake – I knocked down forty seven pounds of mud. That’s not too bad. There’s a lot of stone we try
to put to bigger ones in their periodically because you really can’t find any big ones like
this so we kind of chim them up hand tune them so you just being experience you kind
of know what looks good. Yeah. How long have you been doing this? About twenty years. Wow. It really pays to have good experienced
people I guess working with you. Well I should probably get out of
way and let you guys do your thing so beautiful exteriors out here but again
The Villages doesn’t do anything halfway. These are artists and not just masons and they’re going to make your barnstorm
theater and all of Brownwood look absolutely fantastic. Stay tuned. When we return Danny Tilton
takes us inside the Barnstorm theater for a construction update. Stone masonry is one of the oldest professions in the
history of construction, a craft that has existed since the dawn of
civilization. Everyday is a special day out here at the
Brownwood construction site but today there’s something happening that’s extra special
Danny what are those big mamma jammas that are being placed
up there above us? Those are trusses geometry shaped like the front of this wall here like
a barn uh… we’ll be applying them to the beams you
see overhead and they’ll be welded down to em. there’s twenty two of them on four-foot centers will be a put them in place secure them with
framing inside the trusses and attaching them accordingly similar
to the bar joist we did inside. They’re so big when they

get here they’re not in one piece. We have to
assemble them in the parking lot and we’ll start this whole thing to the
face of the back wall with these trusses. Looks a little bit like an erector set
I played with as a kid. It’s similar. It’s the same sequence one piece at a time you wind up with
a full project when your done setting them out and there’s many more parts to this roof that we’ll see here shortly. Wow it’s very impressive this is a
real exclusive because people won’t see this when the theater’s
done. No sir. This’ll all be hidden but from the outside you’ll have this geometry of a barn with the top of
these trusses you’re looking at. Okay so when Villagers are taking their
friends here they can say and I remember seeing when they put those trusses in place
it’s very neat now I’m wondering why we’re standing on plastic here as these trusses are going
in? What you see on the floor here is a protective plastic which is
simply 2 mil Visqueen and this floor the intention of the owners
here it is too take this floor and grind it in spots
and stain it and make it look very very old. So you’re saying there is not going to be
carpent or tile or anything on this floor? Not where you’re standing this is all trick floor about to happen here. I feel like I’m back in northern Indiana
at old cattle barns or something – pretty authentic. Give it a few more months and you’ll
really feel that way. I know there’s an awful lot of stuff
going on inside too what do you say we take a look at that? Let’s do it. Danny, last time we were here was just a
big concrete box and now I see all sorts of framing has taken place and have a lot
more things that I don’t understand so tell me what’s been done? We’re configuring the floor plan at the
moment with these metal studs here so the layout that’s on the blueprint uh… you got mep’s going on in
here which is all these cables and uh… on them and what not you got fire suppression overhead you’ve got monocoating going on. Monocoating is that this stuff yes sir. this is they are basically all this
is a ground up newspaper with some chemicals to deter it from burning. This will not burn. You can light this all you
want and it will not catch fire… It’s just an extra layer of
fire safety protection in addition to the sprinkler systems and Danny I know that uh… there’s lights all
over the place it can be a little dark in here now with the roof on.
Tell me a little about the lighting. Well the lighting needs to be five candle watt power so our gentlemen can see what their doing without getting hurt in any way shape or form. Safety first – it’s always that way with
Edwards and The Villages … Now we’re coming through the hallway and into – I know what this is… this is one of the theaters. Tell me a little bit about it. This is theater number four and what you got here is that exterior
wall of the building therefore we have one layer of half
inch sheet rock

on the north side the same one layer of half inch on the west wall here to our left this is three layers of five eighths to deter any sound transfer from one unit of the other because these are going to be high digital
– loud and we don’t want it bleeding next door to the other theater at a quiet moment. uh… i love it. okay, why is the sheet rock
staggered like it is? Well, you don’t want to line the joints up. If you line the joints up, the sound can
transfer through so we have to stagger the joints out to eliminate any transference of sound. You guys just think of everything don’t you?
Well we even go as much as putting caulk on each layer also the track when we lay it
on the concrete here we caulk under it. Each layer of rock we caulk under it
again to keep the sound from skirting underneath the track. So, can we go look at the roof and see
what’s going on up top? I don’t see why not. That’s what’s keeping the weather out.
Let’s go peek at it. Well Danny we’re up here on the roof and
I need shades it’s so bright up here but then you’ll tease me about being
hollywood or something so I’m not gonna go there but what is this white material that’s just
blinding my eyes? Well Gary what we have here – this is a fifty mill fiber tight it’s fifty mill thick very durable and uh… we stretch it out over this whole area here
it’s uh… it’s the industry’s preferred roofing there’s several different kinds but this
particular one happened to be one of the best again a fifty mill fiber tight.
It’s going to be dry and comfortable in the barnstorm theater
folks. Well on this month’s Vmail, we took
you basically from the ground up to the heavens. I have to tell you folks if you have
figured out yet the barnstorm theater is going to be
a heavenly replaced to see a movie so keep watching Building Brownwood exclusively every month in your Vmail.

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