Fortnite – Season 9 – Battle Pass Overview

The future is yours in Season 9. In addition to all new gameplay, new locations, and new challenges, there’s a brand new Battle Pass. When you first buy the Pass, you’ll immediately get two outfits: Sentinel and Rox, a progressive with new dual axes. And if you opt in for the Battle Bundle, you’ll instantly […]

Motorcycle Storage Options @

Hey everybody, Caleb here with and I’m here with Joe A proud motorcycle owner. For our indoor climate controlled storage units We have them available to store your motorcycle. Rent online & Move-in 24/7 Joe if you want to take it away we can show them what all has to be done Just wheel […]

Vanlife Cribs – Australia, Canada and the rest of the world in the Sprinter.

Hi everyone and welcome to our tiny home on wheels. My name is Lee, I am from Barrie, Ontario, in Canada. I am Max, I am from Wangaretta, Victoria, in Australia. And this here is Occy, he is also from Australia. So we are currently leaving from Guatemala. We have driven from Canada and were […]

Crazy Cranford Cowboy rides a homemade battery-powered horse

I am about to introduce you to a man who has galloped into the hearts of his neighbors. He’s the hero we didn’t know we needed. Meet my new best friend, Steve Bacque, “the Crazy Cranford Cowboy.” So what do you do with an old Texas rodeo cowboy when he marries a Jersey girl, he’s […]

Dynamic Discs EZ Cart by Zuca (unboxing and test-drive)

Hi guys, this is Mika Ylisaukko-oja from SkyBlue Disc Golf, Team Westside Discs and Team Trilogy I figured I’d be doing a bit of a different video for you today I’ve just received a package that I ordered last week I’m pretty excited about it so I figured we’ll open it up together and see […]

Italcar Golf Car – Apricale Tour

No exhaust gases, no pollution and no noise in full harmony with the environment and the people around you. Ideal for city centres and high density urban areas. Many benefits purchasing an electric vehicle Saving: with the recharging cost of just € 0,80 you can drive up to 80 km Free parking lots for electric […]

Inspiring camper van conversions for the beautiful vanlife.

Hey-Guys-Hi everyone – Welcome to our home on wheels. Right here, we have our closet – a little bit of hanging space which is nice. So this is our full-size foam mattress that we lifted up off the floor about 36 inches so we can fit plenty of storage underneath from the backside. So this […]

Battery Charger Goes Up In Smoke – See Why

Hey Guys! I came out to use my trusty old Harbor Freight Battery charger and it started making a very loud buzzing sound. And this “battery charger engine starter” tried to become a fire started smoking pretty bad. You can hear me clamoring around in the background trying to find a plug and get the […]

Garmin Approach G30: Pairing with Your Smartphone

Approach® G30 Pairing With Your Smartphone First, download and install the Garmin Connect App on your compatible smartphone. Open the app and follow the on-screen instructions to set up your smartphone. If you already have a device paired on the Garmin Connect Mobile app, open the settings menu and select Garmin Devices, then Add Device. […]