How To Add Ollie’s & Nollie’s To Your Butter’s On A Snowboard (Regular)

Ollies and Nollies into butters The next step is to start ollieing and nollieing in. Ollies and Nollies are covered in more detail on one of our other vids but here’s a quick re-cap. It’s all about flexing your board until it wants to spring back pushing you into the air. The movement is very […]

How to Jump on a Snowboard – Snowboarding Tricks

What’s up guys? Kevin here from In this video I’m going to teach you how to hit a jump on your snowboard. Learning how to jump will get you riding in the terrain park and is the first step to learning tricks. I break jumping down into four parts the approach, take off, in […]

How To Backside 360 On A Snowboard (Regular)

Backside Find a side hit that forces you to approach on your toe edge or drop from the opposite side at the bottom of the pipe. Do a straight air first and make sure to use your legs to pop, getting at least a foot from the ground. Hike back up and do a backside […]

Learn How To Snowboard: Front Side 360 | Snowboard Tricks For Freestyle Snowboarding

Yo! My name is Aymeric Tonin. And we are here in Ischgl Snowpark. I’m going to teach you today the frontside 360 Aight!!! A frontside 360 is a … full rotation spin in the air. With the chest … turning into the spin. First, you should check out the kicker. Then hit it with a […]

How To Layer For Skiing and Snowboarding

Hey folks, this is Witt with Level Nine Sports. Regulating your temperature can often be a challenge when skiing and snowboarding. In this video, I’ll cover the basics of using a layered clothing approach. To stay comfortable in any condition. Each layer that you wear will serve a specific function for regulating your temperature and […]

How to Backside 360 Part 1 – Snowboarding Tricks Goofy

What’s up guys? This is Kevin from SnowboardProCamp. In this video I’m going to show you the first step to learning backside 360’s. When you first start attempting 360’s you want to find a place to practice outside the park on side hits. Here you can perfect your 360 technique and the terrain is much […]

How To Ride Moguls & Bumpy Terrain On A Snowboard

This is Nev Lapwood from Snowboard Addiction. This tutorial focuses on how to ride bumpy terrain and moguls. Most snowboarders don’t look for or enjoy riding bumpy terrain, however often when your trying to get somewhere, you come across some pretty variable stuff or a mogul field that you may be forced to ride through. […]

Golfication X: AI Powered Golf Super-Wearable

We love golf we train hard we measure our swing we keep notes of our game. Everybody thinks they know everything when I play bad. My buddies tell me to change my posture, my swing analysis tells me to shallow out of my club plane and as for my game stats, they tell me I […]

Archery Basic Tips | How To Look Like A Pro (On Your First Day)

Now, archery is meant to be fun and all, but whenever I see someone do this, I cringe. For many people, their first and only archery experience is that one time they’ve been on camp. I’ve been critical about these archery sessions before, and in a nutshell, they’ll give you a bow and a few […]

How To Boardslide On A Snowboard (Goofy)

Backside Boardslides You can now use this shuffle technique to help with your first boardslides. A backside boardslide is where your board is facing downhill while sliding, like this. Start by 50-50ing most of the feature then shuffle into a boardslide for the second half. If the box is heading slightly downhill then make sure […]