Badminton Fight Rocks Badminton Community

here at the Canada open and to former Thai players star brawling upn throttle reminds me of Drake and Chris Brown feel not really okay but here’s the video we have it the I am i bad guy for being amused by this and I love hats Aikido oh that’s interesting here why do some […]

The More You Pay, The Better It Tastes, It’s Science!

this is a story from Cornell University basically found out that the more you pay for your food the better you think a taste yeah the Brian widened 16 who is the PhD in Co other this study he said we were surprised by the result especially we found that pricing had little impact on […]

Beach Volleyball Bikinis: Americans Will Keep Wearing Them At Olympics

international volleyball federation announced back in march that what they would no longer require the beach volleyball players to wear bikinis okay which is interesting now the reason why they did that is so when you go up compete in conservative countries you have to worry about offending people you just where the more conservative […]