Archery | What is Bow Tiller?

Hey guys, this is NUSensei. Today, I will be covering the topic of what is bow tiller? And, by extension, why is bow tiller important? Tiller is a measurement. It’s measured using the bowstring and the bow itself. Now there are a couple of different measurements. The first one is brace height. That’s the distance […]

How to Shoot a Bow & Arrow: Beginner’s Archery : All About Archery Leagues

Hi my name is Charlie Labarada. I’m here with Expert village to talk about beginning Archery. And now we’re going to talk about Archery Leagues. Archery Leagues is all over the state, all over the United States there are many types of Archery Leagues. The one we are going to show you in the video […]


♪♪ One of the great companies and great people that I know in the game of golf is Adam Sheldon. How are you, sir?>>I’m good. Thank you.>>It’s so good to see you.>>Good to see you again, Mike.>>So, Adam has taken and brought a brand that has legend status across the world into the United States, […]

Tree Climber Rescue | Vertical Single Rope Pick-off | Hunting Tree Stand Accident | Block and Tackle

…distressed sound… …grunting… HELP!!! HELP!!! oh man…I broke Tom’s tree stand he is going to be so mad …distressed sound… hey…hey, Tom…Tom…I need help man I was in your tree stand…and I fell and I’m just hanging man and I can’t get up copy that dispatch alright what we have is report of a hunter […]

Archery Tips : Archery Arrows

Hi my name is Chance Platt with Humphries Archery here in American Fork, Utah, and we are here today talking about archery arrows and their components. All about archery arrows. An arrow is made of a few things. You have got a shaft which is, just basically that is all it is, is a shaft, […]

Kid’s First Time Hitting Golf Clubs

again Mike Dojc, slinging birdies, it’s a dreary rainy day we are at a baseball diamond because the driving range is closed due to inclement weather too much water so what we’re doing today is looking at an XJ set from Callaway this kid is starting to play golf for the first time I am […]


Got us a nice day of mini golfing I love miniature sports. It’s good take a look at this game So today we’ll be playing mini golf like we have an interesting meaning golf course over here groundskeeper Joey set up a real nice course for us. Yeah. I had this vision what you call […]

Archery | Do You Have to Let the Bow Drop?

Hi, everyone, this is NUSensei. Many of you have seen my recent video “Why do Olympic Archers drop their bows?” And by far the most common question is: “Do you have to drop your bow?” No you don’t. This is not a historical technique. People in the past would not have dropped their bows. And […]

Elevate Your Golf Game at Revere Golf Club

One of the great destinations in the U.S. is Las Vegas, Nevada, yet many may not have considered Vegas as a travel spot for golf until now. Vegas golf is in full force, and with so many amazing courses offering variety and unique course design, it’s time to book your trip to Sin City with […]