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Koffee, Cricket & Youth Icons – Sadhguru’s Take

A certain segment of society. on one level they’re talking about gender equality, on another level constantly denigrating the female form … when your very presence has influence over people, how you keep yourself is very important, Text on Screen: Koffee, Cricket & Youth Icons – Sadhguru’s Take The first question is from Ritika. She […]

Sachin Tendulkar plays cricket with Sadhguru – The Master with the Blaster!

Sadhguru: Here… I’m going to (Cheers and Applause)… Sadhguru: Talks in Tamil (Cheers and Applause) (Laughs). Sachin Tendulkar: Thank you.

Why it’s so hard to get your golf swing right! | Sadhguru

Sadhguru: There are whole lot of things being said about golf. What is unique about the game is if you play any other game, the ball is coming at you from different angles, velocities, spin Interviewer: Yeah. Sadhguru: Here it’s just sitting. You’ve got to hit a sitting ball So one important thing is whatever […]