Winners of Icc World cup T20 from 2007-2015 | Who will win Icc T20 World cup 2016???

Winners of Icc World cup T20 from 2007-2015 Cricket 2016 t20 worldcup winning teams T20 worldcup 2016

Types Of Indians During Cricket Match | ICC T20 World Cup 2020 | Latest Funny Videos

Don’t try to mess with me. Just get lost. Why don’t you get lost? You.. Bros! World Cup match has started. Bro, let the match be. Let me show him his place first. Besides, it doesn’t matter which teams are playing. India vs Pakistan *watching Ind vs Pak match* Indians During India vs Pakistan Match […]

England Powerchair Football Promotional Video

This is elite sport Think of all the sacrifices you’ve made That badge on your chest is the three lions Remember the pain and frustration you’ve been through To be the best you can be To be part of the best team you can be It’s time for payback It’s time for the pain and […]

S. Korean National Football Team arrive in Lebanon… vow victory amid difficult circumstances

south korea’s national football team is preparing for tonight’s World Cup qualifier against Lebanon they’re looking for victory but the situation in Lebanon seems quite dangerous our Kim bo-gyung tells us why the South Korean men’s football team has arrived in Lebanon for their fourth match of the second round of qualification for the 2022 […]

The history of football!

Cambridge 1848 within the walls of Trinity College an important meeting is being held. College representatives of Eton, Harrow Rugby, Winchester and Shrewsbury have come together to define after 18 intense and animated hours of discussion the so-called Cambridge rules Namely the first attempt to set common rules for a sport whose origin dates back […]

ICC PRO CRICKET 2015 | Bowling Trick | All Out in 3 Overs

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How much Europeans know about Cricket| #talkwithkhushi

It is sport in England and it’s very popular I know it’s similar to baseball It’s a sport Its a Sport with the ball. Hey guys,welcome to Desi Fiarangi. I’m Khushi. Cricket is not just a sports in India but it’s a religion and there are many places in the world where people have no […]

Types of Indian Cricket Fans | Funny Cricket | DiviSaysWhat

Old Generation Fans Is this what we call a Team? What we had in older times was really a team Kapil Dev, wow, Sunil Gawaskar, what class man Look at these new cricketers with tattoos all over the body Look, if the ball is outside the off stump Then don’t hit it towards mid wicket […]