Get Professional Looking Powder Coated Parts At Home – Eastwood DIY Powder Coating System

today I’m going to show you how to powdercoat using the east with DIY powder coating gun you know 18 ounce bottle of powder covers the same areas to three cans of paint plus it can be applied thicker than paint without running or sagging in admitting your 0 V 0 season hazardous waste I […]

Organize hardware in this cubby hole storage cabinet. Made from recycled wood.

Three most common resolutions for 2015: Lose weight, get organized and Microjig Maker of the GRR-RIPPER Work safer, work smarter. One of the things I really like about having a workshop is that it’s constantly changing. I’m always adapting it to suit my needs as they change. I’ve been in this space for 14 years […]

Wood-Mizer LT70 High Production Portable Sawmill – The Pinnacle of Sawing Performance

For the ultimate portable sawing experience, the powerful LT70 is the obvious answer, packed with the most advanced sawing technology and productivity boosting features in the industry. The LT70 is used daily by commercial sawyers all over the world, and there’s no better sawmill in the world to take your business to a whole new […]

Polish and Buff Stainless, Aluminum, Gold – Deluxe Metal Polishing Kit from Eastwood

mark Roberto product manager here with Eastwood you’ve seen my shop typical pilot you guys got now we’re back here at Eastwood I want to show you one of our hot new products here what is it’s our new all component buff cab now this kid here what we have is utilized to either use […]

Paint Chip Repair – Painting How To on Kevins Korner with Kevin Tetz – Eastwood

hey this is kevin’s corner and I’m Kevin taste well right now we are knee-deep in car driving season and when you drive your car it’s going to get shipped up no question about it you’re going to get a little bit of road rash one of the questions that came up on the last […]

Wood-Mizer LT40 Super Hydraulic Portable Sawmill: Step up to High Production

Ready to take your sawing experience to the next level? Whether you’re a business owner looking to increase your profitability or a private forest owner looking to build your dream projects, the LT40 Super Hydraulic will help you achieve your goals. The LT40 Super Hydraulic is ideal for anyone who needs to produce a lot […]

How to Build a Lean To – Framing and Adding Siding (Part 1)

last time I built a concrete slab in preparation for building a lean-to so now I just need to figure out how to build a lean-to to make the construction go quicker I went ahead and move my miter saw all out to the temporary station this way I can cut all of my two […]

Making a homemade Band Saw (part2 / the wheels)

Hello again, This is the second video in the series where I show you how I built my new band saw. This time I’ll show off how I made the saw’s wheels, but before that I’ll start by putting this part above the lower wheel. I make a rebate for the blade and here I […]

Make Your Own Garden Shed Doors for under $100.

We all had our favorite Doors lyrics back in those days. But the ones that resonated the most with me went something like, “Come on Baby, light my…” Microjig, Maker of the GRR-RIPPER Work safer, Work smarter. And this episode is also sponsored by Harry’s. This garden tool shed connected to my garage was probably […]

How to Repair Wood Rot. Dry Rot and Wet Rot.

(knocking) (whistling) – Hello. Hi, (chuckling) what’s this? Alright. It looks like a package and it’s addressed to me. And it’s not even my birthday. Cool. Love a good surprise. I wonder what it is. Socks, maybe jocks. Nah. It’s a Rolex. It’s a box full of Rolexes. Yep. Yep, it is. Wouldn’t that be […]