The story of KHC Rollball from Kilinochchi

Wheel balance is the first priority. This is a mix of three sports: basketball, netball, the wheel is important, and football. Keeping is an element from football. First when we practised it was definitely difficult but we tried it out and got used to it. Since we had an interest in it we gave it […]

Refugee Women’s football club cannot travel to Global Goals World Cup

On Tuesday, May 14, the immigrant and refugee women’s football club Hestia FC would probably score its first goal, at Global Goals World Cup in Copehagen, where they would participate along with football teams from across the globe However, the players will not go. The delay in issuing of their travel documents, won’t let them […]

Barbara Cox, the matriarch of New Zealand football | Scratched: Aotearoa’s Lost Sporting Legends

– [Barbara] When we played Australia, 10 minutes before kickoff, one of the committee members came to me and says “Barbara, Barbara, where’s the teapot? “Where are the teacups? “I have to get everything ready!” and I was like, hmm, I’m out to play in quarter of an hour. The idea that women would go […]

Bowhunting Whitetail Bucks 2018 Archery Deer Season Pa – Devon’s Buck

me but it’s the next morning we’re gonna go look for that deer we let him go all night obviously and apologize for jumping some of the video was as real windy and I was trying to reach for a call and not a whole lot of pregame up to the shot but what Joni […]



(2A) 2019 IGHSAU Iowa Farm Bureau Girls State Volleyball Championships

>>>Funding provided by the path to greatness starts early. The Iowa farm bury believes in the youth and their pursuit of greatness. We’re the sponsor of Iowa girls high school union. When one rises with he all rise to a better Iowa.>>Fairway, along with Nabisco, fret OE lay and Sara Lee is a proud sponsor. […]

Mithali Raj dreams of lifting the Women’s Cricket World Cup

Women’s cricket has existed for more than 250 years, and this year, it reaches a completely new level in its history with the staging of the 10th Women’s World Cup. It’s thought that in the last five years, female participation in cricket around the world has doubled, with just under 700-thousand women and girls now […]

Women’s Volleyball @ Frederick Community College

♪ Ah ah ah ah ah ♪ ♪ Ah ah ah ah ah ah ♪ ♪ Ah ah ah ♪ ♪ Ah ah ah ♪ – You create really good friendships when you’re on a volleyball team. Volleyball’s very inclusive. There’s not really anybody that’s sat out, you know what I mean? Or on the […]

India womens vs Pakistan womens cricket highlights – womens cricket

and how did not have a lot of potential I’m sure that they 1/4 therefore five games in this competition so far and the captain bhisma Maru said shoot the ball first so they obviously have a plan italia JH the experience vitaly ROG I can’t in fact she’s seen many summers and many winters […]

(1A) 2019 IGHSAU Iowa Farm Bureau Girls State Volleyball Championships

>>>Funding for the Iowa Girls Athletic Union Iowa Farm Bureau girls state volleyball championships is provided by –>>the path to greatness starts early. The Iowa Farm Bureau believes in youth. That’s why we’re proud to be the title sponsor. Each student’s effort is important, and when one rises, we alt rise to a better Iowa.>>>Fairway, […]