Sensible Transfers: Everton (Summer 2019)

In this series, we will analyse teams, identify problem areas, and suggest solutions in the form of incoming players. We won’t follow gossip, rumours or conjecture, we don’t have inside information, and we’re not considering the brand value of players. Purely, their on-field performance, and their suitability for the team in question. Today’s team is […]

Amstel Gold Race & Tro Bro Leon | The Cycling Race News Show

Welcome back to the GCN Racing News Show – on the menu this week, some Dutch beer at the Amstel Gold, a piglet at the Tro Bro Leon and some Belgian Waffles at the, well at the Belgian Waffle ride. Plus we’ve got more from the Commonwealth Games and a Tour de France tune up […]


I was in a choir once. I’m Alexander Ehrensberger and I’m committed to the University of Notre Dame. I started with football in 2014 at the TFG Typhoons in Düsseldorf as cornerback. Pretty undersized, but still quite big In the tenth grade I got the chance to spend half a year in the United States […]

2016 Midsize Pickup Challenge: Quarter-Mile

yeah maybe no other segments the auto industry has experienced more turmoil than the midsize pickup truck segment that’s why we’re doing our 2016 midsize pickup truck challenge with the five competitors that we have here today at Milan Dragway just outside of ann arbor michigan the frontier pro-4x one of the oldest competitors in […]

Problems choosing your ESPN Fantasy Football lineup? IBM Watson can help.

In fantasy football, indecision is a problem. That’s why IBM Watson analyzes millions of expert football sources, including Mike Greenberg… to help you with your big decisions.

Archery Popshots | Diablo II

While the original Diablo was the genesis of a massive franchise, most people cut their teeth with Diablo 2 and its expansion, Lord of Destruction. Diablo 2, along with StarCraft and later WarCraft 3 were the cornerstones of the experience, with many hours spent doing Baal runs to grind experience and running Pindleskin to […]

Day 10 evening | Archery highlights | Rio 2016 Paralympic Games

yeah on date and the final individual archery medal to the Rio Paralympics were on offer that came into women’s w on category and contesting the bronze medal match work in arguments South Korea great britain’s Mickey Jenkins had spent the previous three days special it looked unlikely to be able to compete both arches […]

Using the Carbon Express Archery Golf Kit

3Rivers Archery your longbow and recurve experts. Hi, I’m Johnathan Karch with 3Rivers Archery. Today we’re demonstrating the Carbon Express’ new kits for archery golf. This is an old game that’s coming back. Carbon Express has a great little kit here made with some very durable modern materials to it. There’s a universal bow. Great […]

Bowhunting Whitetail Bucks 2018 Archery Deer Season Pa – Devon’s Buck

me but it’s the next morning we’re gonna go look for that deer we let him go all night obviously and apologize for jumping some of the video was as real windy and I was trying to reach for a call and not a whole lot of pregame up to the shot but what Joni […]