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Winning Moments of Bangladesh Cricket Bangladesh vs Kenya – ICC Champions Trophy,1997 Bangladesh vs Pakistan – ICC World Cup, 1999 Bangladesh vs India – Tri-Nation Series, 2004 Bangladesh vs Australia – Natwest Series, 2005 Bangladesh vs India – ICC World Cup, 2007 Bangladesh vs South Africa – ICC World Cup, 2007 Bangladesh vs New Zealand […]

We Try To Escape 5 Stars In Grand Theft Auto 5

– The freeway is over here somewhere. (tires screeching) I don’t know why I stopped at a red light, I forgot what I was doing already. (energetic music) (police siren wails) – I used to do this when I was younger. – I like doing the missions in Grand Theft Auto, but I’m not very […]

How to choose a disc golf Putting Putter | Disc Golf Beginner’s guide

– For most people, when they start playing disc golf, they usually start out with discs that they’ve borrowed from their friends, or maybe discs that they found. And eventually they come to the point where they wanna buy their own discs. Well when you’re buying your own discs, arguably the most important disc is […]

My Son STILL Cheats at Football!

– Kind of is meaning to cheat today. You only scored two touch downs. ( cheering ) So today is football play offs, that’s fun. 12 o’clock is the first game, so that’s in like 30 minutes. And then if they win its at 7pm and then if they win that they play right after […]

How To Teach The Mental Game Of Golf To A Teen – Craig Sigl

It’s the 18th hole and my 15 year old son, AJ walks up to the green. He takes his time eyeing his ball that is laying about 25 feet from the hole. It’s a double breaker that requires a bit of an uphill putt. He needs to make this shot in (one stroke?)to win his […]