A Caveman and His Archery Skills – Answer & Win $10 | Play and Win

Play and win presents 400 year ago A cavemen was known for his archery skills. He was a real master in targeting the arrows to perfection. He was so skilled that he could Shot 5 arrows in exactly 20 seconds difference between the first and the last arrow shot. One day he was roaming around […]

BATTLE FOR THE BOOTY – Dan and Phil Play: Golf With Friends #7

D :Yo ho ho. P: YAAAR P: Dan and Phil games, parrots! P: Cause you’re the parrots on our shoulders. D: Have I? I lost my stick! P: You lost your stick last time, I think. P: You’ve been stickless for a while. D: I’m just a ball on a turf. P: I’m a festive […]

The Story of Beach Volleyball Legend Jackie Silva | Legends Live On

Sometimes in life I’m an attacker but, I confess, I’d rather not be an attacker all the time. (LEGENDS LIVE ON JACKIE SILVA) The Copacabana Beach was my playground. I used to play with my friends. We pretended to play like the grown-ups. There weren’t any pretensions of becoming a professional. I never thought that […]