Snake Eats a Golf Ball!

– This is Rumplesnakeskin. (chuckles) He’s a Black Rat Snake and he loves golf. (loud safari drums) – Today I’m at the Ohio Wildlife Center. Located in central Ohio this organization fosters awareness and appreciation of Ohio’s native wildlife, through rehabilitation and education. And while the goal of OWC is always to release their patients […]

High-Stakes Street Football in New York City: KOTU (Episode 4)

Cobra Tug Of War | Snake City

Thailand’s Football-Crazed Fishermen and the Floating Pitch

Mole Cricket Experiment!

(cricket chirping) – You guys hear that? Yeah? Okay, so right now we are on location in Texas filming episodes of Breaking Trail. And last night, my wildlife biologist Mario and I were walking up and down this pond looking for reptiles and amphibians. And we kept hearing this sound, and I kept thinking it’s […]

These Hairworms Eat a Cricket Alive and Control Its Mind | Deep Look

The day starts normally enough. You give your pet some food and water. But later … … in your pet’s water dish, you find this. A hairworm. It didn’t get here on its own. It came out of a little cricket. Don’t believe me? OK. These hairworms are gnarly parasites. They actually control a cricket’s […]

Kingdom of the Little People

Português Português Português Português Português Welcome to Kunming, “Spring City” of China. [Sound of seagulls] [Annette Lamothe-Ramos reacts with surprise and laughs] [Sound of seagulls] [Annette Lamothe-Ramos]: Kunming is the capital city of the Yunnan province, in southwest China. The weather here always brings to mind early spring. But, I didn’t come from the depths […]

The Illegal Big Cats of Instagram

the night is gonna miss Thomas Keller mr. Kelly mr. Kelly miss Kay [Music] the Gulf is a land of excess beneath a veil of restraint where capitalism and Islam jostle for pride of place when every young man has money to burn but is limited by the restrictions of Islam he has to spend […]

Near HEAD ON collision! | Golfing at Temecula Creek 2019

Just hit em, hit em! [Laughing] Alright, what’s up All Wheels Access family. I’m gonna go golfing with my brother, my dad they’re not in the car right now because they are at the course already but we’re going to Temecula Creek Golf Course. Here with my best friend and so we’re gonna go golfing. […]

Keeping Roxie Calm in the Car | Cesar Millan’s Dog Nation

-So the goal is going It’s just putting the dog in the car and then leaving the car. I just want to see how you normally do it. So I start the car with the Autostart. [engine starting] And then I say, “Roxie, up!” Wait. So what happened right now– as soon as you turn […]