Toe-in and Toe-out, Wheel alignment Explained – How it works.

This video looks at wheel alignment and what toe-in and toe-out are. when looking from the top of the vehicle the wheel alignment (often called tracking) is the relationship between the angles of the steered wheels while at rest. put simply the difference between the distances of the front of the wheels to the rear […]

Driving with square wheels

Hi Folks, good that your wachting. And welcome to useless experiments part 9! And today at your request we are going to drive with… squares wheels! Let’s test it! There we go. Comfortable The parking brake was still on. Were almost by sand, i think thats drives better Do you know what the advantage of […]

Wheel Cleaning – How to clean aluminum and chrome plated wheels on all FCA vehicles.

Your wheels have a protective coating to prevent deterioration. But out on the road, they encounter dirt, salt, slush and harsh chemicals—elements that can destroy this protective coating and cause permanent damage. That’s why it’s important to clean your wheels and wheel trim regularly—especially if they’re aluminum or chrome-plated. Abrasive or acidic wheel cleaners, polishing […]

Tire Dolly Attachment for The Auto Dolly (just one of many useful Dolly Attachments)

MERRICK ORIGINALS product line by Merrick Machine Co. featuring The Auto Dolly Whether you call it Car Skates, Auto Skates or even Car Dolly. The Auto Dolly is what you are looking for The Auto Rotisserie aka The Spinner, The Auto Twirler or The Car Rotisserie. What every professional and amatuer body man needs in […]

Mini Jeep Willys Assembly from Carton Package

The mini jeep delivered in carton and steel frame. First, take out the carton, disassemble the steel frame. Then untie the iron wire. Find a bench or other objects under the jeep as a lift jack. So we can install the wheels easily on the wheelrims. Please be sure, do not mistake the wheel directions […]

Where to buy Sawmill Wheels for Band Saw Mill

Where can I buy a good and proper set of Bandsaw wheels for my bandsaw mill? I can tell you. Watch the whole video. is one of the sites that I use and I recommend them because of the good pictures. Type “14 inch bandsaw parts” into the search bar. Select a model like […]

E bike 4 Wheeled Review : Imus Metro EP 028 Philippines

Good Day Guys and welcome to another episode of Riding in Tandem with me RM and me Elaine In this episode we will be saving the earth by using the 4 wheeled Imus Metro E Bike. Lets go! So how do we save earth? Simple. E Bike 0 emissions. Unlike gasoline and diesel engines both […]

Polish and Buff Stainless, Aluminum, Gold – Deluxe Metal Polishing Kit from Eastwood

mark Roberto product manager here with Eastwood you’ve seen my shop typical pilot you guys got now we’re back here at Eastwood I want to show you one of our hot new products here what is it’s our new all component buff cab now this kid here what we have is utilized to either use […]

The Quickest and Easiest Way To Clean Wheels! – Chemical Guys Car Care

Today I want to show you guys the fastest and easiest method for cleaning your wheels. This Nissan has tons of brake dust collected in the barrel as well as the face of the wheel and we’re going to take all of that out using our Power Woolie. This is going to take care of […]

Remove Parts GLITCH! | Need for Speed Payback (+ Fitment Glitch)

Welcome back to some more Need for Speed payback you may remember this glitches if you’ve been around for a while It was a thing in 2015 removing things from the car basically we’re standing with the Horde the only things we drove on this car is the hood and Honestly, it looks insane detail […]