Cheap Coilovers Vs Expensive Spacer Lift

– What’s going on, guys? Fuller here from Custom Offsets, and today we have a video that I guess kind of stems from people asking us a whole bunch of questions, and a lot of times people are wondering what’s better, a cheap coilover, or an expensive lift kit, and when we mean lift kit, […]


(menacing music) – We’re back for another test. You guys asked for it when we did the tug-of-war. This time we’re doing a full out drag race between the Arkon K350 and Custom Offset’s flagship truck, the CO2. One side, we’ve got the diesel. It’s turbo charged. It’s on a eight inch BDS, and on […]

Building Our TUG OF WAR Trucks!

– So hopefully you guys saw the video that we posted on Sunday where we told everyone that we are doing a tug-of-war. – We are gonna hook up the K-350, otherwise known as the F-350 for Arkon, up against CO2, our 2015 Silverado HD gasser six liter. And we are gonna tug-of-war until something […]


(ominous music) – Hey guys if you don’t know me, I’m Shawn with Custom Offsets and hopefully you’ve been following along and you know that this is the tug of war of CO2, our flagship truck for Custom Offsets, against Fuller and the K350, the F-Ford 350 build, F-350 build– – You can’t even say […]

How to Install Steering Wheel Cover DIY Fitting Instruction

You can buy steering wheel cover at Find your leather steering wheel cover at

Toe-in and Toe-out, Wheel alignment Explained – How it works.

This video looks at wheel alignment and what toe-in and toe-out are. when looking from the top of the vehicle the wheel alignment (often called tracking) is the relationship between the angles of the steered wheels while at rest. put simply the difference between the distances of the front of the wheels to the rear […]

Wheel Cleaning – How to clean aluminum and chrome plated wheels on all FCA vehicles.

Your wheels have a protective coating to prevent deterioration. But out on the road, they encounter dirt, salt, slush and harsh chemicals—elements that can destroy this protective coating and cause permanent damage. That’s why it’s important to clean your wheels and wheel trim regularly—especially if they’re aluminum or chrome-plated. Abrasive or acidic wheel cleaners, polishing […]

Kenda Tires and Wheels – Tire with Wheel – AM90016 Review –

Today we are going to review part number AM90016 This is the Kenda 205 50-10 Bias golf cart tire in a load range B on a 10 inch white solid center wheel with a 4 and 4 inch bolt pattern Now, this tire is a Kenda tire it’s a pro tour tire design it’s especially […]

Kenda Tires and Wheels – Tire with Wheel – AM3H240 Review –

Today we’ll be taking a look at part number AM3H240. This is the Kenda 16565-8 Bias Trailer Tire with a 8″ Galvanized Wheel. The Kenda Loadstar trailer tire is going to offer excellent handling. It’s going to feature a bias cut that’s going to provide superior stability as well as a modern tread design that’s […]