13 yr old Golfing in MLB Park!

PROOF: Short Game is MOST Important! | Swingless Golf Club Finale

My First Junior Golf Tournament in 4 Years!

Best Birdie Noise in Golf!

– Welcome to Sand Hollow Golf Course in Hurricane, Utah. This is one of the signature courses in all of Utah. It’s consistently rated the number one golf course in Utah. If you didn’t watch episode one, this is episode two right now. But on episode one, we decided to have a challenge with the […]


goodmorning everyone! AHHH. It is my first vlog , um i guess im taking the raines today so your guys are going to see what i do on a daily baises, actually today is a friday, i mean wait what is today. today is saturday. stupid! today is staurday, so you guys are going to […]

Sketchy Alaskan Mini Golf Course!

– Good morning from beautiful Fairbanks, Alaska. Hear those trees swaying in the wind? (trees rustling) Today is gonna be a fun day. I hope that you have been enjoying all of the videos from here in Alaska. We’ve had a blast so far. Yesterday on the floatplane was awesome, and we’ve got a bunch […]

My Son STILL Cheats at Football!

– Kind of is meaning to cheat today. You only scored two touch downs. ( cheering ) So today is football play offs, that’s fun. 12 o’clock is the first game, so that’s in like 30 minutes. And then if they win its at 7pm and then if they win that they play right after […]

Last Junior Golf Tournament of the Year!

(upbeat music) – Today, Lincoln has a golf tournament. It’s match play and this is the qualifying tournament for match play. If you don’t know what match play is, basically it’s the thing where they put you in a bracket like NCAA March Madness, One through 16. You go to play, you play against one […]

My first NFL Football game!

– Today is gonna be a fun day, we are in Boston, Massachusetts. First time ever being here. I’ve been in a lot of places, but this is one place I have not been. So, first impressions, the streets here are super skinny. There’s barely any where to drive. The good thing is, we brought […]