Do NOT Try This At Home! (Unless You’re Using OFFICIAL Archery Tag Equipment)

Hey guys, this is Paul with Archery Tag! Y’know, we’ve gotten some comments of people wondering if we actually just put a piece of foam on a regular arrow. Well, that’s actually not the case. We have an engineering and design firm behind us for safety. We have a blunt that is custom made. and […]

Football at the Park | English for Children | English for Kids | Story time with Steve and Maggie

Hello, Hello. My name is Steve. Hello, Hello. My name is Maggie. Hello, hello, it is time to play. It is time to play in English. Yeah, hey, let’s play. Hey, oh, hey. Goal. Tunnel. Bridge. Treehouse and zip-line. Oh, hey. Hello boys and girls. Hi, I am going to meet Maggie at the park […]

What is a DJ? – S3RL ft Jimni Cricket

What is a DJ if he can’t scratch? What is a DJ if he can’t scratch? What is a DJ if he can’t scratch? Don’t scratch it Can’t scratch Call and response I’ll play a pattern, then you repeat it with scratching Let’s try And again Very good What is a DJ if he can’t […]

Volleyball Explained: Psychology and Motivation

🔥MBAPPE vs NEYMAR vs CAVANI: Football Challenges!🔥

Footballer Challenges! Mbappe vs Cavani vs Neymar! Dizzy Penalty Challenge Hey, I’m first No way, I’m first I’m first, it’s in my contract Well I’m the oldest Well I’m the most expensive Come on Edison – let Neymar go first Oh, stop sucking up to him, Kylian You kiss-ass… Okay, Edison… You can go first… […]

When Your Friend Hates Cricket (PSL Special)

Boys! Isloo is gonna win this time too Islamadi boys will beat you so bad that you’ll go crying to your grandma Lahore is Lahore bitch! you think Lahore will suck like last time…again? we’ll beat you so bad boy Relax man! Karachi isn’t dead yet our boys are just warming up yet They’ll ace […]

Faces of the Canyon – Meet Amy Jane, “Cricket”

My first Grand Canyon trip that I went on I was 7, I had my 8th birthday in Grand Canyon. We were all floating beside the boat and the guide was up making sandwiches, and I gave my grandpa a sandwich and I said, “Grandpa I want to do that.” And he said, “What, make […]

FilterCopy | Every Indian Cricket Fan | Ft. Dhruv Sehgal, Veer Rajwant Singh

Sorry Sir, I can’t come Sir. I have 106 degrees fever, Sir. I am on glucose drip, Sir. I might enter the ICU! Thank you Sir. Hey, turn on the volume. Six! What a start! What! 4000 rupees for the Indian jersey? What is this, man. This is what you got for 4000 rupees? See […]

🤬DROGBA RANT! “F****** DISGRACE!”🤬Chelsea vs Barcelona Football Flashback (Champions League 2009)

442OONS FOOTBALL FLASHBACKS Hello, I’m Didier Drogba. That’s Super Chunky Lampard. Schlong Terry. And Cashley Cole. We’re a Wheatus tribute band… Named after the Barcelona team we played in the 2009 Champions League Semi-Final… I give you… CHEATERS The score 0-0. Essien! What a dude! Bye bye Lionel! He groped Malouda! Pen! In the box! […]

LET ME SHOW YOU HOW ITS DONE!! – Mini Golf Funny Moments (Golf It Gameplay)

This, is the gameplay you’ve all come to expect here we go. Holy shit! This is a grim looking map, jesus. Up the brightness boys. can i go yeet. I see, where i’m trying to go so you can do this in 2 Come on all the way Yeah, yeah you see it you see […]