MIG Welding Techniques for Building a Mild Steel Roll Cage

Hi, I’m Chris Jarman from Eliminator Kustoms here in Goodrich, Michigan. We kind of specialize in high-end racecars, street car, metal fabrication and engines. Today I want to talk to you a little bit about the proper techniques and procedures on welding mild steel roll cages in cars. A lot of times we get people […]

Ford Ka becomes Short Ka! Part 1#

Hey folks! Great you’re watching again I don’t have enough space to turn the car around I could clean the place to get more space.. Not what I’m going to do We can also downsize the car Let’s get rid of some unnecessary rubbish first It doesn’t fit anymore.. Another new logo! Nice The moment […]

Gaz M20 part 3 (beating the rust!)

Hey folks! Great you’re watching again! you saw us searching for rust holes last time in our Russian car The Gaz M20 And we’re going to weld those today We have a visitor today! Someone who’s coming to help! Helping.. yes and you might know him, that’s Michiel And Michiel is the proud owner of […]

The Ultimate Princess Jeep Build Part 2

[Music] so today’s the day we try to figure out how to get this engine in the Barbie car time to engine swap the old Wrangler I’m gonna go from this here battery to 450 CCS of four-stroke goodness [Music] oh it looks good in there and honestly fits better than I thought it would […]

Motorized go-cart (How to)

Hey folks, great you’re watching again! How do you like my excellent bargain! a go-cart.. but.. It doesn’t has cranks that doesn’t drive well but we might have an engine which might fit that’s convenient! a lot of you asked me Show us how to motorize a go-cart This has an engine Good! And we […]

How to make your generator quiet,powermate generator

well I’ve got another project on starting this is my generator and I’ve run it a few times and boy is it loud and I’ll tell you when you’re the only one in your neighborhood that’s got lights and power and heat and can cook food it’s sort of attracts people you don’t really care […]