When You Can’t Miss the Cricket Match | Sahil Anand | Karan Veer Mehra | Shruti Kanwar

Are you scared of the new ball? I am not scared of my wife too I like to open like Kohli You are not scared of the new ball, right? That guy is scared…. Karan. Who did not come because of Neha, his wife. He’s here, He’s here! I’ll call you I am not scared […]

How To Replace / Rebuild Your Brake Master Cylinder

I have dismantled the cylinder Ive cleaned it all up you can take that out as well the inside is cleaned out now all the dirt has been removed we have also taken out the pistons there is a cir clip in there remove the cir clip and remove the whole lot from the end […]

12 Best Long Takes in Film History

>>Speaker 1: When it comes to directors showing off, nothing is quite flashy as a massive long take. But sometimes they shoot something that’s absolutely perfect. These are the top 12 long takes ever filmed.>>[MUSIC]>>Speaker 1: Kicking us off in number 12, the restaurant fight scene in The Protector. Tony Jaa’s Thai martial arts return […]