PANG Qing & TONG Jian Playing Badminton [English Caption]

TONG: So why are we in Qingdao? >>PANG: You can explain, no need to be courteous. TONG: First of all sight-seeing, to see Qingdao’s scenery in May. But more importantly, to provide up-to-date badminton news just before competition on condition and status of athletes, for all badminton fans.>>PANG: Since everyone gets nervous before a competition, […]

Blue Nile Engagement Ring Tug-of-War

Okay, I’m dying to know… what is the news? Well, out of nowhere, he asked me to marry him! [gasp] It’s beautiful! Thank you… isn’t it great? [piano music playing] [laugh] oh… okay… This moment made possible by an engagement ring from Blue Nile [piano music continues]


James Muggoch, who’s restoring the last working World War One tug-boat on the Thames – Londoner #30

The whole thing about the boat is that you get it to a point where the maintenance becomes easier. It’s a matter of getting the guys together, getting on board and doing some work. I mean I’m looking now at something that needs to be painted which I hadn’t noticed. So that’s something else that […]

New Best Volleyball Match 2018 | New Tournament In Bhakkar Punjab | Shooting Volleyball Part 3

[Applause] [Laughter] so you have to everybody bah bah [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Music] we are [Music] 20 buses all of it [Applause] [Music] ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba say yes there to charge their fans and Albany hustles Yama over a cake alarm did any clever or did he get us off he can certainly go back everybody […]

pakistani cricketers and their beautiful wife| 15 Pakistani Cricketers With Their Lovely Wives

pakistani cricketers and their beautiful wife| 15 Pakistani Cricketers With Their Lovely Wives

DIY Cinderella’s Carriage | DIY Dessert Cart | Girl Party Decor Ideas

hey guys welcome back to my Channel today I’m taking on the challenge of making a Cinderella’s carriage desert table again so many you guys might not know this but I tried making this carriage a few months ago and it was the total total fail check it out yep that really happened I’m laughing […]

World’s First Live Lip-Dub Divorce Proposal

So this is a song that I think best exemplifies you and Tanya’s relationship. And, uh, here we go. Ready? We met when we were young Got married by 21 It was lots of fun But now I want to get a divorce You’re always smoking weed And playing Nintendo Wii You always miss when […]

Jacobs girlfriend is getting married, lost in England with chewable toothpaste

we’re on our way to Sheffield, its my brothers wedding what else shall I say, that’s it its my brothers wedding that’s all im gonna say the kids are watching aliens vs predators 227 miles to go posh, we’re posh hi we got packed lunch for the way cause its a 4 hour gurney how […]