How the Bosman Ruling Changed Football

The Bosman Ruling enabled the modern automatic free transfer. It dictates that a player is permitted to leave their club at the end of their contract without the need to command a transfer fee. The rule was introduced in 1995 after the consolidation of three separate legal cases, all involving the Belgian midfielder Jean-Marc Bosman. […]

The Truth About Football

– It’s been called the greatest rivalry in all of sports. Two of the most legendary teams in college football, Ohio State and Michigan, known simply as, The Game. (intense music) Welcome to College Game Day, I’m Dandy Dip, with me as always is Chuck Puber. Chuck, what can we expect to see this afternoon? […]

The Illegal Big Cats of Instagram

the night is gonna miss Thomas Keller mr. Kelly mr. Kelly miss Kay [Music] the Gulf is a land of excess beneath a veil of restraint where capitalism and Islam jostle for pride of place when every young man has money to burn but is limited by the restrictions of Islam he has to spend […]