More than just golf: East Lake Golf Club and John Deere

Ralph: The reputation was that it’s a great golf course that’s been basically neglected for many years. The bones of the golf course were good as far as just the layout of the, of the golf course, but conditions were really rough. In my interview basically laid out a plan to try and improve conditions […]

From Football To The Crown: This Is Erin Doherty Our New Princess Anne

– And then, I’ll go, Coming at ya! (screaming) (light piano music) The house in this street was the first house that we were in, me, my mom, and my sister. (dog barking) I was just kind of did everything everyone else did. Like, I like, I don’t know Like, I played on Nintendo or […]

Reacting to Old Snowboard Videos – Baby to Olympics! | Chloe Kim

– Hi guys! Okay, so today, I will be reacting to videos of me snowboarding from when I was young, to the more recent days. Like the Olympics, and all of everything else I’ve been doing, I don’t even know. You guys can kinda see the progression, I can reminisce on me snowboarding as a […]

Nahi…Dry Day Nahi! | #OffThePage with Lage Raho Munna Bhai

Bro. We’ve grabbed 115 houses. Pulled off 52 kidnappings. Broken at least 250 bones. But never went to jail. First time… we’ve said ‘sorry’. And here we are in jail. We’ll be mocked, Bro! Our reputation is mud now! Oh, so getting jailed for murder is better for your reputation? No, but a tiny kidnapping […]

LIB TECH ORCA – 2020 Snowboard Review

Hey, Rob from Snowtrax. Here today to talk to you about the Libtech Orca. Probably a little bit late to the party last season didn’t have a chance to ride this then but managed to take it out in nice powder conditions in Austria in May. Absolutely blown away by this board! So much fun […]

Barbara Cox, the matriarch of New Zealand football | Scratched: Aotearoa’s Lost Sporting Legends

– [Barbara] When we played Australia, 10 minutes before kickoff, one of the committee members came to me and says “Barbara, Barbara, where’s the teapot? “Where are the teacups? “I have to get everything ready!” and I was like, hmm, I’m out to play in quarter of an hour. The idea that women would go […]

John Cena Shows How He Psychologically Intimidated College Football Rivals

-I want to talk about your movie “Playing with Fire.” -I want to talk about that, too, because we always just ramble on about nothing. -I know, we — -And the people in the back who I’m suppose to promote the movie are like — -“You didn’t even talk the movie!” Yeah, let’s talk about […]

The history of snowboarding: Jake Burton

Snowboarders. We’ve always stood out. And in the beginning we stuck out like a sore thumb. We had one board, we didn’t have ski boots on, we didn’t have poles, we were, I think anti-establishment. You are a rebel. What you are doing is irreverent. When you’re in powder, when you do a turn, and […]

VW Golf mk1 GTI – NordicAutomotive Ep. 1

I got a tip from my cousin about a good GTI in Mo I Rana, and I happen to be there on vacation. He said that it was in storage in a garage there. Previously I’ve had a Golf MK 2 GTI 16V, but I’ve always dreamed of owning a GTI mk1. So the trip […]

Is It Ok To Love Football More Than Your Wife? | First Dates

it’s called Yersinia all of the lights in my flower there because there’s not like three missing first my dog was she’s going to be as good his name how old is she she’s nearly 15 same age as my youngest so how many kids have you got about two right they live with me […]