So What If I Love Anime?

Hi, my name is Kodi. I love anime and all the popular girls think I’m a freak because of it. This takes place at my elementary in fifth grade. I had a Sailor Moon book bag and all the popular girls took one look at my bag and laughed their heads off. The teasing became […]

World Record alert: Mike Schloesser shoots 717/720! | Archery Fan Reporter

I’m Mike Schloesser, I’m from the Netherlands. I just shot a world record, at the qualification round. My previous record was 716. It was at a local competition in the Netherlands I’ve made it now 717. I only put 3 arrows out, It’s not a lot, but, It’s like, one I was thinking about something, […]

How ‘incapable umpires’ and a ‘stubborn ICC’ cost India and West Indies the World Cup 2019

In the discipline of cricket, the role of an umpire is extremely important in deciding the outcome of any match. However, due to the wrong decisions of the umpires, sometimes even the best of teams have to face a humiliating loss. such incident occurred recently in the ICC World Cup, when India lost to New […]

Bowhunter Self Films Awesome Archery Mule Deer Hunt – Solvid – Film It Yourself

Its late summer 2015. My brother Shawn and I are hunting the desert hills of southern Idaho on day 8, which was the last full day of this trip I found what was probably our number two buck on the hit list. There’s a pretty stiff easterly wind blowing. In fact it was blowing so […]

Desert Velvet Mule Deer Bow Hunting – Solvid Archery – Film It Yourself

Its late summer 2015 and my brother Shawn and I are bow hunting the desert hills of Idaho. We were only able to get one weekend of preseason scouting in, but in the first 10 minutes of scouting we were able to find the type of buck that dreams are made of. Even being a […]

Riding and Rating a Downhill MTB Park – Mountain Creek in New Jersey

Bike park is a place where you’ll most certainly be spending money you gas to get there probably pay for tolls and parking and maybe even rent a bike At the very least you’ll be buying lift tickets to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth you can read reviews on a bike park before visiting […]

Where Extreme Sports Meets Archery!

That was sweet! That was great! Hey, how do you like Archery Tag? That is a *sick* game! Hahahaha! So how do you guys like Archery Tag? YEEEEEEAAAAH! It’s a heck of a time! It’s a little wet out here; does that bother ya? NOOOO! You think that makes it more fun? YEEAAAAH! Absolutely! Gimme […]

Snowboarding The Wall At Kirkwood Resort_thePlanetraveler S02E07

Have you ever been in a situation where at that very moment you say to yourself, “What the heck were you thinking?” Yeah, well this was that exact moment for me. In my last video, I was in Bali, Indonesia. In this video, I am in Tahoe, California and I’m going to get back to […]

freekickerz ft. Ronaldinho vs All Star Legends (Real Football Match)

When Ronaldinho makes an invite, of course everyone’s willing to come Today is no different. Ronaldinho & Friends vs. Adler All Stars Well known faces from Eintracht Frankfurt’s history Hey guys, welcome to a new video. Today it’s a bit different a different format Today I’ll react to our video from the Ronaldinho benefit match […]

President Trump Receives Huge Standing Ovation at Army-Navy Football Game

President Trump was welcomed by the huge crowd at a recent Army-Navy football game. President Donald Trump received a standing ovation from the huge crowd of cheering supporters at a recent Army-Navy football game. The 70,000-strong crowd gave an epic warm welcome to their president as he arrived for the match in Philidelphia recently. The […]