the Wacky Wario bros: Golfing for gold

So, are you ready? Okay! *Wario laughing* Oh yeah! *Wario laughing* *Ding sound effect* Okay. *Buzzer sound effect* Nooooo!!!!! Oh no! Wah-ha-ha-ha-ha! *DK screams* Wah! *Pipe sound effect* *DK gets triggered* Nooo!!! Good luck! Oh! Ah-wah-wah-wah-wah-wah… *Barrel jump sound effect* GET OVER HERE!!! Oh yeah! Ow! *Thud* Hello sir, can I take your order? -Wah. […]

R64: Stupid Mario Kart

[Retarded64 Intro] MAMA F**KER! Over the hills and far away… Teletubbies come to play….. Wahahahaha AHHAHAUGH! HERE WE GO! I’m-a Wario! I’m gonna FAK YOU! I’m Wario! I’m gonna FAK YOU! Awowowowo *Explosion* BITCH! GO GO crazy girlfriend BUY ME MORE JEWELLERY!!!! [SCREAMING] [BOOM] *DED* YAAY. Hahahaha PSYCH! *DED* [LUIGI CRYING] He’s been doing that […]