Naika Oko – Tug of War

(Errie piano sound) (mysterious music plays) (a loud car engine roars in the distance) ( the sound of gravel gradually gets louder with intense cinematic music) (door opens) (door slams) (chains jingle as the feet shuffle the gravel) (music plays) You push and pull, then leave the girl You seize her world, to start all […]

Ness Seal VS Yippii Truck | Tug Of War Episode | Kids Truck Cartoon | CryptoTruck Videos For Kids

TUG OF WAR Ness Seal VS Yippii Truck Alright he done !

Cat and Dog Play Tug of War

cat and dog tug of war cats and dogs playing tug of war

What Is The Nuclear Football (The Briefcase That Can Destroy The World)?

On the 8th of November in 2017, American secret service agents and their Chinese counterparts were involved in a brief altercation over the American ‘nuclear football’. While entering China’s Great Hall of the People, a Chinese agent blocked President Trump’s aide tasked with carrying the football, only for Chief of Staff and retired US Marine […]

Ness Seal vs Yippii | Tug Of War | Truck Cartoons For Toddlers | Kids Cartoon Show by Kids Channel

Ness vs Yippi Tug Of War

Forrest Gump – Football

Who in the hell is that? That man is Forrest Gump, coach. Just the local idiot. And can you believe it? I got to go to the college too. Forrest run! Run! Okay! Run! Run you stupid son of a bi*ch. Run! Run go run! He must be the stupidest son of a bi*ch alive […]

Football in South Sudan: The Upper Nile Academy

For the last five years, South Sudan has been ravaged by a brutal civil war. It has left thousands dead and millions displaced, many of whom have fled to neighbouring Sudan, Kenya and Uganda. For those who remain, there is constant fear of conflict, of being caught up in the fighting between the many opposing […]