The South African Citi Golf / PATINA

A new VW is here. Golf. The Volkswagen compact. A lot of power, a lot of space, a lot of fun. The Volkswagen Golf Mk1 was first released in Europe in May 1974. Since the 50s, Volkswagen had been looking for a replacement for the Beetle, which started to struggle more and more in an […]

NEW 2020 VW Golf revealed – and the cars it has to beat! | What Car?

Here it is. The new Volkswagen Golf. One of the most consistently popular cars around since its launch back in 1974. We’ve seen the car in the metal, and sat in it, and in this video we’re going to tell you everything you need to know. Before we start make sure you’re subscribed to our […]

Volkswagen Golf R 2014 review – Carbuyer

Let’s say you want a practical, desirable and powerful hatchback but the letters GTI aren’t quite good enough for you… then what about R….. This is the new Golf R and it’s the most powerful version of Volkswagen small family hatchbck yet. Under the bonnet is a two-litre turbo engine with 296bhp and it’s mated […]

Honda Civic Type R meets VW Golf R | World’s best hot hatchbacks reviewed and tested | Autocar

Both of these cars, the VW Golf R and this Honda Civic Type R have got really good claims to being hot hatch royalty. That Golf R is maybe the best all round hot hatch there’s ever been and this Civic Type R is the fastest front wheel drive hot hatch there’s ever been. It’s […]

Ölwechsel VW GOLF 3 1H1 (wie Motoröl und Ölfilter wechseln) [TUTORIAL AUTODOC]

Use a combination spanner ı30. Loosen the oil filter. Remove the oil filter. Screw the new filter into its place. Use a drive socket No.13. Loosen the drain plug by a half-turn. Place a container under the plug and runscrew it completely. Drain the used oil. Set the drain plug in place and tighten it. […]

Casey on Cars: 2018 Volkswagen Golf R

Today’s edition of Casey on cars is a little bit selfish. I’m looking to replace my personal vehicle, which is a 2011 BMW 335. I loved that car, but it’s lived in the shop and I’m just sick of it. So what do I replace it with? Well, I know I want something that’s four […]

VW GOLF R – Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

(engine roaring) (metal cracking) (thunder crashes) – [Driver] Hey! – You name a Volkswagen, and I have probably owned one. Scirocco. – That’s pretty sweet – That’s custom (laughs). Golf, Rabbit, different kinds of GTIs, and one thing that all of my Volkswagens have had in common is that they’re all front-wheel drive. (engine revving) […]

Lichtautomatik nachrüsten VW Golf V

Hallo zusammen, herzlich Willkommen zu einem neuen Video. Heute geht es um Lichtschalter Lichtschalter von einem VW Golf 5 Das ist der Standard-Serien-Lichtschalter das ist ein automatischer Lichtschalter den kann man im Internet für ein paar Euro kaufen. Der hat einen Lichtsensor Der hat hinten so ein Kabel daran und hat eine zusätzliche Stellung mit […]

Så byter du bromsskivor bak och bromsbelägg på VW GOLF 5 GUIDE | AUTODOC

Use a wrench № 15 and a spanner № 13 Use a torx №М14 Use a torx №Т30 Treat the brake disc seat with a special copper grease Treat the brake caliper guide pins with high temperature grease Using a special tool press in the brake caliper piston

VW Golf 7 GTI Performance DSG Review (English Subtitles)

Today we have the latest version of the most iconic hothatch.. the Golf GTI! It’s the seventh generation And it was about time The MK6 was basically a MK5 with a different body There weren’t any true mechanical upgrades Now there are! You can choose for the performance edition The performance pack (€1500 NL) includes […]