Böyle modifiye yok | VW GOLF MK1 Custom

We’re together with a full of butterflies and crazy car. We came to the first turn. Yes. Very good! Its performance is very good on turns. It’s like I’m driving a loud go-kart car. Hello everyone! Today we’re together with a sweet but full of butterflies car. It’s a 1st generation Golf, has very unusual […]

Hyundai i30N Performance vs. VW Golf 7 GTI Performance mit 100-200 🚗

We finally have a dry weather in Germany! Blue sky, the sun is shining and we’re comparing two cool cars. Hyundai i30N Performance vs. a VW Golf 7 GTI Performance. Stay tuned! First I want to explain why we do this kind of video: For me the Hyundai i30N is the direct competitor of the […]

VW Golf R Review–THIS OR GTI?

This is the 2018 Volkswagen Golf R The top dog in the Volkswagen Golf range and the number two car surprisingly isn’t the GTI it’s the e-golf Volkswagen treats this car and the e golf as their top models And I’ll show you that on the inside, is this still the best Volkswagen Golf to […]

How to Remove Dash Panel & Instrument Cluster. VW Golf Mk2

Today I’m going to show you how to remove the dash panel and instrument panel on a mk2 Golf or Rabbit. First, having removed the radio, remove the cage for it as well. Then, remove the switches. These will pop out and you’ll need to detach those. Demister. Remove the blanking plates …and on the […]