Summer Heat Beach Volleyball Highlights | Yes Guy Gaming

Summer Heat Beach Volleyball Highlights Yes Guy Gaming hey what’s up gamers this is a ps4 controller come on oh yeah huge slim look you guys gonna celebrate off of that core change I missed a few times last time got too old and stuff let’s get a freaking book Oh what are they doing […]

Improving volleyball serves through motion tracking

[NICOLE RAY] So when you’re serving a volleyball from the ground, it’s really important to toss the ball out in front of you so that you’re stepping forward into your serve, giving the ball momentum to go over the net, reaching high so that you’re hitting the ball over the net and not into the […]

Man Overcomes Homophobia In Locker Room, Then Thrives In Gay Volleyball League.

I’m Jesse Anderson. I’m from Asheville, North Carolina. I’ve always been very active. I’ve loved playing soccer and I’ve played all my life. All through middle, high school – middle school, high school and college, I heard homophobic slurs. During middle school, we were in the locker room. It was after a game. One of […]

Santa Gertrudis Lions vs Taft Greyhounds – Volleyball Playoffs

Our energy was just amazing we were able to overcome being…going through all five games we were able to stick together as a team. [Reporter] and then as far as you know again y’all being down and having to come back I mean I know y’all aren’t really used to that so having to be […]

2015 Volleyball Promo

(Music) Hi, I’m Jesse Edwards, I’m a middle hitter and I’m going to be a sophomore. What it means to play to play Volleyball for Vance-Granville? It’s an opportunity I never thought I’d have. It’s a dream come true. Hey, my name is Melissa Elliott. I’m a setter. This is my first year playing with […]

Volleyball Explained: How do we organize our game against a strong serve?

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Lady Lions vs Lady Badgers – Volleyball

We have four seniors on our team and we know we wanted to come out and just play the best of our ability and we were able to do that because we all work together as a team. We talked about in the locker room what we needed to get done and all of our […]

GETTING GOOD!!! | Spike Volleyball Career Mode Episode 13

Spike Volleyball Gameplay PS4 Career Mode Volleyball Game Yes Guy Gaming Xbox One Steam PC Pro Volleyball he’s got the power at that deep corner yeah you shanked it triblock know I should have blocked hello and welcome back to yes guy gaming we’re back playing spike volleyball this is an interesting as hell game […]


– Good morning. It’s Saturday. It’s sports Saturday. We’re heading off to Bryce’s basketball game. That’s the first order of business. But then, shortly after that, we make our trip to Gilbert, Arizona which is about an hour ten away for Sierra’s first volleyball tournament. Whoop whoop. We’re super excited. We’re rocking our Sniper shirts. […]