(bass notes) – Good morning, clan. Welcome to Saturday here in Tampa. Sitting outside my hotel, waiting for my Uber rider to get here, and going to be heading off to breakfast with the gang. Half of them already left, the other half are sleeping. So I’m the lone straggler. But I’m super excited. We’re […]

Scott Sterling Volleyball Blocks | BEHIND THE SCENES | Studio C

Oh Scott Sterling Woo! Hey guys so we finally found the place. What’s up It’s at the Smith field house. They are doing volleyball instead of soccer. So that made it confusing for me. I was out there looking around for the place for probably about an hour or so. Yeah. We got lost. But […]

Huge Volleyball Tournament inside Cardinals Stadium! Club Volleyball Vlog |

– Well, hello there guys. Welcome to our big and long volleyball weekend starting here on Friday night at, let’s see– – [Sierra] University of Phoenix– – University of Phoenix Stadium. Known as the Cardinals stadium. So they fill the field with tons of volleyball courts. – How many are there? Seems like a hundred. […]

5 Volleyball Games in 2 Days. How Many Can They Win? |

(energetic music) (indistinct chatter) – [Clintus] Nice. Go get it. Go get it. Oh, got it. (crowd cheers and applause) – [Woman] Out! – [Clintus] Good job, good job. Oh, good save, good save. Nice! Nice. Nice. Up, up, up, up! Good job, nice job. Ooh, push! Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Come on, Sierra. Get in, stay in, […]

This Girl Loves Volleyball! |

– [Clintus] Well good morning ladies. – Good morning. Breakfast is served. – [Clintus] Breakfast is served. Sierra made pancakes, Tiffany made bacon. – [Tiffany] Pancakes, huh? (beep) – [Clintus] Morning ladies. – Good morning. – Good morning. Breakfast is served. – [Clintus] We got waffles, Sierra made waffles. Tiffany made pancakes. (Sierra laughs) (beep) […]

They’re Moving Up A Division 🏐 Club Volleyball Tournament |

– Alright boys and girls, it’s about that time for another volleyball tournament. Back to back weekends. That doesn’t happen very often. – Nope. – Nope. We’re here in way, way, way, way southeast Arizona. It’s like borderline Apache Junction/ San Tan Village/Queen Creek. Like we are way, way out here guys. Yeah, way out […]

volleyball world championship 2018 highlights

Rising star V/S I.T , The Univesity of Haripur