Volleyball Drills – Finger Strength Training Aid for Setting & Passing

Hi. My name is Dr. Terry Zachary and I am the developer of the Handmaster Plus This video today is for volleyball players and especially for training the fingers for setting and overhead passing i really feel strongly that all volleyball players should have this easy tool that we’ve developed Handmaster Plus in their training […]

How to Play Volleyball with Tanya White | Volleyball Lessons

Hi, my name is Tonya White. I am an owner and director of Home Court Advantage, summer Day camps of indoor volleyball and some beach. I’ve played beach volleyball for 3 years. I’m a top 50 player on the sand. I’ve been considered a pro player for the last 2 seasons. I have a silver […]

The Basics of Volleyball – Passing

Hi I’m Emily Hiza and I am the volunteer assistant at Oregon State Unversity and we are doing the basics of volleyball here. And I have my two assistants Izzie is 10, and has been playing for a year and Mattie over here is 12, has been playing for 5 years. So, we’re going to […]

Volleyball Training | Resistance Bands | Lateral Speed | Part 3

Speaker 1: Wipe your shoes. Make sure that we’ve got a good footing here. We’re going to try to get from side to side and tap softly, so when you’re here, you’re going to get here, here, you’ve got to get softly so if you’re landing hard, that’s not what we want, hold your body. […]

How to Hit a Volleyball Harder in 2 Steps

how to increase hitting velocity in two simple steps look at how much they’re hitting velocity improved after these following athletes learned how to engage their core and rotate their entire body while hitting I just want you to hit three or four balls into the net like you normally do go for it Assistance […]

How to Do a Jump Float Serve | Volleyball Lessons

The float serve in beach volleyball is pretty common. You can add some power behind your float serve by doing a jump float serve. What that is is it’s a mini-approach. It’s not a full approach like the jump serve, which uses top spin. You toss the ball in front of you and you take […]

How to Do a Roll Shot | Volleyball Lessons

There are several types of shots in beach volleyball. One of them is a roll shot. A roll shot differs from a full speed attack because you’re contacting the ball underneath the ball, and finishing rolling on top of it. A full attack is when you’re coming in and hitting on top of the ball. […]

How to Hit a Volleyball – Arm Swing Drills

alright Tay and we’re gonna put these volleyball arm cuffs on my part 1 above your elbow just loose the other one above your wrist we’re going to use a band just like on the hip and torso harness we’re going to use the band so you can actually feel what we want your arm […]