How to Hit a Volleyball – 13 Year Old’s Arm Swing & Power Hitting Improvements

this video shows the improvements in body control and hitting mechanics of this 12 recently turned 13 year old after six powercore360 power hitting and training sessions on the left in her initial session you see her swinging across her body with her arm only the whole body was all over the place and landed […]

How M1 Volleyball uses AirCAT

– Hi my name is Jamie Suapaia with M1 Volleyball here in Minnesota, and one of the overall things that I really like about AirCAT is the consistency and getting a lot of reps up. We know exactly as coaches where that ball’s gonna go so instead of trying to manage where we want the […]

Volleyball Swing Attack: 10 Easy Drills (Volleyball Offense)

Volleyball Swing Attack Offense hi this is Marc Massey I am a volleyball Coach just like you and i wanna talk to you about a problem that we all have which is how to get enough offense yeah offense because we all know if we don’t have enough offense we’re gonna lose a lot of […]