How to Play Volleyball with Tanya White | Volleyball Lessons

Hi, my name is Tonya White. I am an owner and director of Home Court Advantage, summer Day camps of indoor volleyball and some beach. I’ve played beach volleyball for 3 years. I’m a top 50 player on the sand. I’ve been considered a pro player for the last 2 seasons. I have a silver […]

How to Do a Jump Float Serve | Volleyball Lessons

The float serve in beach volleyball is pretty common. You can add some power behind your float serve by doing a jump float serve. What that is is it’s a mini-approach. It’s not a full approach like the jump serve, which uses top spin. You toss the ball in front of you and you take […]

How to Do a Roll Shot | Volleyball Lessons

There are several types of shots in beach volleyball. One of them is a roll shot. A roll shot differs from a full speed attack because you’re contacting the ball underneath the ball, and finishing rolling on top of it. A full attack is when you’re coming in and hitting on top of the ball. […]

How to Jump Serve | Volleyball Lessons

In beach volleyball, you can add speed to your serve by doing a jump serve. When people refer to a jump serve, they’re usually talking about someone jumping and hitting the ball with topspin. There is a different kind of serve called the float jump serve that we’ll talk about in a different video. The […]

Volleyball Slang Terms | Volleyball Lessons

A lot of popular slang with beach volleyball revolves around the hit, the offense. You can have a pokey, the cobra, a roll shot, a hit or a spike. There is also defensive terms, you dig a ball, you bump a ball, you pass a ball. If you fall in the sand, as if there […]