Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI review

Volkswagen Golf V buyers review

This generation Golf, the Golf V, had a short production run; 2004 – 2008. Its successor, the Golf VI, had a lot of technology in common with this car. VW secretly did a facelift and called it a new model. That doesn’t matter, but the similarities are bigger. This is a typical Golf. Saying it’s […]

Volkswagen Golf GTE review

This is an important car for Volkswagen, though the A3 e-tron was the first with this drivetrain. But, as a PR manager of a competing make once told me: “it’s as if a new door handle on the Golf is bigger news than a new model from us”. Sometimes it is like that. We’re driving […]

VW Golf mk1 GTI – NordicAutomotive Ep. 1

I got a tip from my cousin about a good GTI in Mo I Rana, and I happen to be there on vacation. He said that it was in storage in a garage there. Previously I’ve had a Golf MK 2 GTI 16V, but I’ve always dreamed of owning a GTI mk1. So the trip […]

VW Golf R vs. Audi S3 vs. Mercedes A45 AMG – English subtitled

Almost 1.5 years ago, Audi presented a new S3. It had more power than the previous S3: 300 PS, and Quattro. This is it’s sister model, the 300 PS Golf R. No longer a 6-cylinder engine, but like the Audi a 2.0 4-cyl. 300 PS used to be a lot, but perhaps those days are […]

Volkswagen Golf 6 R review

Good afternoon. Welcome to McDonald’s. May I take your order, please? Sure. Can I have two strawberry milkshakes, please. It’s not really a pretentious car, but it does have a horsepower of 270. 270! There are two problems with this Golf R. The first is that the first three/ four pages of its press release […]

Volkswagen Golf SV review

The Volkswagen Golf is VW’s most popular model in Britain. In fact, it’s one of the most popular cars on sale today. Last year alone, VW sold over 59,000 of them in Britain and that’s credit to its performance, economy and practicality. But for those buyers who want a little bit more, VW now offers […]

Volkswagen Golf estate 2014 – Carbuyer

If you’re looking for a practical and comfortable estate car with economical engine choices and a high quality interior, then take a look at the revised VW Golf Estate. With its new and stylish good looks it certainly trumps the outgoing model in this department. Everything has been taken into consideration here, the space is […]

Volkswagen Golf R 2014 review – Carbuyer

Let’s say you want a practical, desirable and powerful hatchback but the letters GTI aren’t quite good enough for you… then what about R….. This is the new Golf R and it’s the most powerful version of Volkswagen small family hatchbck yet. Under the bonnet is a two-litre turbo engine with 296bhp and it’s mated […]

VW Golf 1.4 TSI ACT Test Sürüşü – Review (English subtitled)

We are with VW Golf. 7th generation Golf with its look, driving features, quality and with its technology is very challenging as always. Let’s see if this pretense makes it superior to its rivals? The Golf that outworn six generations and reached seventh does not accommodate many new features design wise. And as always it […]