Blippi Go Karts | Learn about Vehicles for Kids

♪ Blippi ♪ ♪ So much to learn about ♪ ♪ it will make you want to shout! Blippi! ♪ Today we are the Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix. And look at these! These are go-karts! And this is a green go-kart. This is a red go-kart. And this is a blue go-kart. I am […]

The Blippi Lamborghini Race Car Video | Learn About Vehicles for Kids

Blippi , Blippi Toys, Lamborghini race car video. Learn about vehicles and today we’re gonna learn about star oh hey okay now let’s learn the interior parts of the blue sports car okay first things first first we have to put on our single Wow just like in a normal car you have to put […]