Cushion for car seat back support

hi I’m Bob shrub physical therapist Brad hanok physical therapist and together we are the most famous physical therapist on the internet in our opinion of course Brad is going to show us something to get today in the vehicle right custom car cushioning for your back support now this is my vehicle I bought […]

Finger Family | Road Ranger | Videos & Songs For Children | Nursery Rhymes – Kids Channel

“We are the Road Rangers Family!” Mister Sheriff Mister Sheriff where are you? Here I am, here I am, Keep everyone safe I do. Fire truck Blaze, fire truck Blaze where are you? Here I am, here I am Put out the fires I do. Lady Donna Lady Donna where are you? Here I am, […]

Bobcat Utility Vehicle Safety

Knowledge is a major and significant ingredient for safety. During the next few minutes, you will learn some basic rules and instructions associated with safe operation of utility vehicles. It is important that you and everyone who operates a utility vehicle understands proper vehicle operation and recognizes situations that could result in an accident, injuring […]

Basic Car Care : How to Diagnose Car Smells

Hi, I’m Richard Goms. We’re here in Murray, Utah. We’re talking about basic car care. We’re going to talk now about how to diagnose car smells. You’re going down the highway you come to a stop, there’s a smell that you you smell in the car. It could either be normally it could either be […]

Ford Ka becomes Short Ka! Part 1#

Hey folks! Great you’re watching again I don’t have enough space to turn the car around I could clean the place to get more space.. Not what I’m going to do We can also downsize the car Let’s get rid of some unnecessary rubbish first It doesn’t fit anymore.. Another new logo! Nice The moment […]

Mechanic Builds 130mph Rat Rod | RIDICULOUS RIDES

DAVID JEFFERY: Building cars is just fun to create as you go, you don’t know how it’s going to look until you have finished and it’s the end product that you hope to achieve. DAVID JEFFERY: I don’t like to copy what other people have. I like to build cars that are standing out from […]

Cool Mini Cars You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

– [Narrator] With more people moving into cities and increasing CO2 emissions becoming the latest threat to our existence, smaller cars might be one solution. Some of the following 10 cars are so small that “mini” might be the better word. (arcade game noises) Number 10, the Heinkel Kabine. After WWII, Germany wasn’t exactly awash […]

38,8 liter V12 tank engine 1st run after 28 years!

Hey folks, great you’re watching again! Do you see this engine? 38,8 liter V12 diesel It comes from a Type 69 tank Looks a lot like a Russian T54 This tank belonged to Saddam Hussan It was captured during the first Gulf war in 1991 Since then it has been sitting in UK It wasn’t […]

Fixing Burning Smells On Your Car

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel ok, it’s happened to all of us, you’re driving on the road, and all of a sudden you smell a burning smoldering smell coming from under the hood, now of course there could be lots of things, but most of […]

How to strap board to car in 30 secs- full version

Hi there, this is Robert Stehlik with Blue Planet Surf Shop in Honolulu, Hawaii. Thanks for watching, today I’m going to demonstrate how to strap a board onto your car in less than 30 seconds using one strap. Now a couple things to pay attention to are: you need a strap that’s strong with a […]