Everything you need to Know about Dual Clutch Transmission | Hyundai

(cheerful music) – [Narrator] The first time you drove your Hyundai, you might have noticed that its transmission shifts differently than you expected. That’s because it has something in common with today’s supercars: a dual-clutch transmission, or DCT. Conventional automatic transmissions use something called a torque converter in the process of delivering power from the […]

How to make nockles arrows for “Advanced Native American Archery” style. Full guide.

The length of your arrow depends on your bow. For my short bow I am making a length of arrow of 25,5 inches or 65 cm. Use the thicker part of the bamboo shaft to use as your arrow tip. This will strengthen your arrow and make it fly better. A screw is able to […]

The Rules of Archery – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains, the Rules of Archery The object of the game is to score more points than your opponent. Archery, sometimes referred to as ‘Olympic’ or ‘Target Archery’ is a sport where you use a bow, to shoot arrows into a target. The main two competition bows are a recurve bow, where the arms of […]


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Patrick Esume über American Football, den Mythos Amerika und Rassismus

Bowhunting Whitetail Bucks 2018 Archery Deer Season Pa – Devon’s Buck

me but it’s the next morning we’re gonna go look for that deer we let him go all night obviously and apologize for jumping some of the video was as real windy and I was trying to reach for a call and not a whole lot of pregame up to the shot but what Joni […]

The Grand Tour: It’s Football

Well it’s not football though is it, because they don’t use their feet. That’s not football, that’s just people dressing up. (BOOOOOOO) We play football. We play football. (BOOOOO) With our feet. That is football. (shouting) (It’s soccer!) WHAT? It’s not soccer it’s football. If 6.75 billion people in the world call it football. Anyway […]

Golf Course Equipment Solutions by Ventrac

There’s no comparison on the market – what Ventrac is capable of doing. With the 4500 tractor and the dual tires, we’re able to mow about ninety-five percent of the areas on the golf course. Well, the Ventrac pretty well cuts everything that our other riding mowers won’t cut. Cuts all of our tee boxes […]

Volleyball Olympic Qualifications (Men)