How The U.S. And China Are Fighting For Global Power

In his trade conflict with China, President Trump has made big demands and big claims that his tariffs on Chinese imports will force Beijing to give in. I think we will make a deal with China. I really think they want to. I think they sort of have to. The reality is more complicated. President […]

The Nation Caught In A Bizarre Tug Of War Between The West And Russia | NBC Left Field

Remember this? It went pretty viral, and this man that Trump shoved, he’s the Prime Minister of Montenegro, a tiny Balkan nation that never really got much notice.>>Or it didn’t, until this. Inside Montenegro ‘the shove’, as it’s now referred to, drove opponents of the government wild.>>That was nice to see how they respect, or…>>The […]

Trump Golfs As America Suffers Weekend Of Atrocities

So over the Labor Day weekend, Donald Trump was supposed to head over to Poland for a world war two ceremony. But because Hurricane Dorian was churning out there in the Atlantic Ocean at the time, Donald Trump said, hey, I understand this is an important ceremony, but we got bad things about to happen […]