Graduation at UEA – Muhammad from Pakistan

Hello, my name is Muhammad And I studied Business Finance and Economics at UEA I’m from Pakistan actually And I studied my first year at INTO My time at INTO It was a huge help for me as it was a combination of all the international students And the exposure was amazing, to be honest […]

Football is coming to Texas Wesleyan University

We don’t love college football because of instant replay we don’t love it because of VIP parking either no it’s about something else it’s walk-ons trick plays and rivalry games it’s about loyalty and tradition it’s about the students it’s about the game this is why we love football this is Texas Wesleyan

World University Of Bangladesh | ICC World Twenty20 Bangladesh 2014 Flash Mob(WUB)

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*crowd noise* Thanks man *music* *alarm noise* Hey everyone! My name is Tyler Redding and I’m a senior Social Work major from Blandon, Pennsylvania and I’m the Associate Director of the Mountaineer Maniacs here on the campus of West Virginia University. *music* It’s just after 6:30 in the morning and I am currently walking over […]

Improving volleyball serves through motion tracking

[NICOLE RAY] So when you’re serving a volleyball from the ground, it’s really important to toss the ball out in front of you so that you’re stepping forward into your serve, giving the ball momentum to go over the net, reaching high so that you’re hitting the ball over the net and not into the […]

NAU Volleyball and Football Gear Up for Away Games

Kade: Welcome back to NAZ Today i’m your sports reporter Kade Gillis flagstaff volleyball traveled to the Golden State this weekend to push to 20 wins on the season but the Carlsbad Lancers postponed such celebrations for the Eagles luckily for the Eagles the weight probably won’t be too long as they are currently taking […]

University of Michigan’s football stadium and the need for life-saving donation

[ Music ] [ Background music ]>>On a football Saturday at Michigan Stadium one hundred and fifteen thousand amazing blue faithful fill the big house to watch their heroes. In the United States, about one hundred and twenty thousand people are waiting for an organ transplant that could save their life. That’s about equal to […]

Physics of Football

Weber rolling out. And he’s gonna throw deep for Decker. What a grab! Touchdown, Minnesota! Looks like that hit on Golden Gopher wide receiver Eric Decker didn’t feel too good. Decker shaken up as he got hammered. The blast from Cal safety Sean Cattouse had enough force to cut Decker’s jaw open. And while Decker […]