South Korean Chung Chang-ho elected as ICC judge 정창호, 국제형사재판소(ICC) 재판관에 당선

Chung Chang-ho has been elected to serve as a judge at the International Criminal Court. The 48-year-old South Korean was voted in on Monday, local time, at UN Headquarters in New York. Mr. Chung will serve as one of the ICC′s 18 judges for a nine-year term. He was elected with two-thirds of the vote […]

Bangladesh withdraws bid for UNSC seat as Japan promises massive investment 일본

And in international news… Bangladesh has withdrawn its bid for a non-permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council… and thrown its support behind Japan. The announcement comes after Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe promised a massive investment in the country. Hwang Ji-hye has the details. The Prime Minister of Bangladesh announced on Saturday… that […]

GTv Live Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe live cricket match today Live Cricket Score

COUPLES MINI-GOLF ft. Pokimane, LilyPichu, Scarra, Based Yoona and more

[Music] Lily: Hi guys, we’re Offline TV and we’re gonna try mini golf today. Scarra: Wait, we’re not having an instructor? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I dunno if the Lily’s gonna like that Lily: Huh? Mark: Anyone on your radar? Mark: Like, who are we looking out for? Lily: They’re CHILDREN. i eat children. still […]

Join the Team – Volleyball Tryouts | LIFESTYLE

– Hi! Holly Barras, here and you’re watching Join the Team. A video series exploring what it takes to be an athlete at the many sports teams we have here at Columbia College Chicago. This episode we thought it’d be fun to see what it’s like to be a volleyball player. So, let’s see if […]

Korea′s Tug-of-War gains status on UNESCO cultural heritage list

Tug-of-war - the game, I mean. We all know what that is. It′s a classic birthday party game for kids… AND not limited to children. Yes, where you line people up in two groups… on opposite ends of the rope… find a spot on the ground to mark as the middle… and off you go. […]

S. Korean lawmakers tell U.S. they can’t accept hefty hike in defense costs

senior South Korean lawmakers are currently on a five-day trip to Washington DC they met Thursday with president Trump’s nominee for Deputy Secretary of State Stephen vegan and told him they can’t accept Washington’s unilateral demand that Seoul pay billions of dollars more in defense costs Oh jung-hee reports amid a tug of war between […]

Inside Amy Schumer – Football Town Nights

♪♪ (morning announcer) It’s Monday and that means the big game against Galveston is just a few days away. We’re praying that new guy, Coach Thompson, is getting our Bronconeers ready for combat. You the new football coach down at the high school? Yes, sir. Coach Thompson. This is my wife, Amy. Hey, y’all. Coach […]


What’s up guys? Welcome back to Vagabrothers. This is vlog number three from the Rio 2016 Olympics with L.A. 2024. Right now we’re in Barra da Tijuca. We’re going to try our hand at the latest Olympic sport: Surfing. Let’s go. All right, guys. We are on the beach. There’s a little surf shop just […]

Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – Another National Foot Volleyball Competition! (2015.07.21)

(6 months since the Cool Kiz foot volleyball club was established) (Against various teams) (They played intense games) Jisuk checks the ball. (They tested their skills!) How thrilling. (They wanted to go further) There is a competition. A foot volleyball competition. (They entered a national competition) (But…) (Cool Kiz vs. Gachon University) (The game didn’t […]