Styles of Archery

When the average person thinks of archery, they probably think of a Robin Hood figure, dressed in green, wearing a funny hat and with a large bow. I don’t actually look like that. Okay, maybe I do. People have different perceptions of what archery is. Some people think of hunters. Others think of the Olympic […]

⚽ Manchester City & Man United Football Stadium Tour – Old Trafford vs The Etihad

Manchester City the current Premier League champions but what happens if you’re a fan of the archenemy hi guys welcome to another episode of ultimate oculus and today I’m here at Manchester City Stadium so Manchester is currently home to the best football teams on the planet Manchester City and Manchester United obviously as you […]


One! What’s up? Today I’m gonna fill my bathtub with JELL-O, lots of JELL-O. OK, we’re going to need JELL-O, lots of JELL-O. Then just turn on your hot water, let the bathtub fill, and just fill your bathtub with some JELL-O. Now you need a giant whisk, and whisk it all up. Make sure […]

The Rules of Beach Soccer – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains, the Rules of Beach Soccer The object of the game is for your team to score more goals than the opposing team. Beach Soccer, also known as Beach Football is a variation of Association Football, and the general rules of the game apply here, but with some significant differences. This variation is played […]

ORIGAMI FROG (Traditional model)

Fold in half Fold and unfold Fold and unfold Repeat on the bottom Fold like a waterbomb base Repeat on the bottom Valley-fold the flaps Valley-fold Repeat on the bottom Turn over Valley-fold the bottom corner Fold the left and right sides Mountain-fold Valley-fold Frog finished!

Archery | The 28-inch Draw

So you’re looking at buying your first recurve bow. You find a good-looking bow with a good price and you’re about to buy it, when suddenly you see that mythical figure the 28 inch draw length. And your draw length isn’t 28 inches. You see this 28 inch figure everywhere. Why is it so hard […]

Parkour POV Snowboarding Adventure | Vlog 97

Now we walk up to the mountain peak It is super hard to walk in the deep snow I just did my first backflip on a snowboard ever in my life I did not stand it of course but the feeling was awesome I will do it again directly and try to land it I […]

How Lars Andersen Speed Shoots Arrows – New Stunt Archery

Name changed due to demand Ok guys, welcome to our 6th lesson Gonna get more arrows in our string hand You can pre-rotate them but I’m gonna teach you the technique of not pre-rotating We first start with our index and thumb arrows, because they are the ones we are familar with, we’ve shot it, […]

Archery | Using the Clicker

This is the clicker. It clicks. The clicker is a strip of aluminium or carbon, that sticks out from the riser like this, and it goes over the arrow like this. Now, a lot of new guys ask, does this thing help keep the arrow in place? And the answer is, well, no it doesn’t. […]