Doubles return deception with super slows, badminton

In this video I wanna show you a really cool doubles return. Its a deception shot, I want to cheat my opponents. The front guy making the serve, I want him to think that I am hitting it short to the net. The player in the back has to think actually that I´m hitting it […]

Badminton: How To Do Overhead Feeding?

Do like that Not like this Can you tell the difference? Great guys, so For some exercises you are going to need Overhead feeding to like, simulate a smash Or a drop or anything from the back of the court And, to do that you gonna have to get a little advanced Today we have […]

Double defense in forehand side – Advanced level, Badminton

In this video we’re going to talk about the doubles defense out in the forehand side. This is a really advanced stroke if you want to learn the basic techniques about the double defense please check out our other video we made about that one you can find it in the description. So we have […]

Betfair football – Trading under 2.5 goals explained

So here’s a really simple trade that you can do that I enjoy doing and is easy to understand and has a definable payoff and risk and what we’re going to do here is we’re looking at the France we Germany World Cup match and we’re going to use the stake of ten pound if […]

Learn to destroy your defender | 3 humiliating football dribbles

What’s up guys pwg here and today, I’m gonna show you guys three ways to humiliate your opponent These skills are made for the person who really wants to show off so if you pull off this in the game or a pickup Match your squad will go bananas, so let’s do this So the […]

Better Badminton

Ever since i can remember, Badminton draw me into its ban and the fascinations stil remains the same Your new coach! You can easily get into the V-Grip, by just holding your racket vertical to the floor and than take it, as if you want to shake someones hand For forearmrotation you need an ankle […]