Drift Racing in Egypt – Red Bull Car Park Drift 2013

This is the first drifting event I took part in. I won Red Bull Car Park drift two years in a row. We’ve been preparing for this competition all year. The competition is tough this year. Cars are very powerful. We made a great effort. I’m sure I’ll win Red Bull Car Park Drift 2013. […]

VW Golf TDI Review | Wynter’s Turbo Diesel Hot Hatch

Alright, so here we’ve got the Volkswagen Mark Four Golf. I almost forgot the name of my car. That’s bad. I’m Wynter from The Left Pedal, and today we’re going to be reviewing the Mark Four Volkswagen Golf. Alright, so here we’ve got the mark for Volkswagen Golf. It’s actually a TDI and not GTI. […]

Insane Racing Team – Formula Offroad 2012!

Hi! My name is Martin and I’m the lucky one to hold the steering wheel and step on the throttle. We are five persons running the Insane Racing Team. We are from Norway and we travel all over Scandinavia; both Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and even Iceland. We are travelling around in our racing bus, […]

Porsche GT2 RS v. Ducati 1199 Panigale: The Drag Race. – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

[ENGINE ROARING] [TIRES SQUEALING] CHRIS HARRIS: So far in 2012, we’ve driven, drifted, and experienced just about every sports car and super car imaginable. It’s been a good year, hasn’t it? But I haven’t done one thing. I haven’t done a drag race, and drag races are internet gold. So I need the numbers. So […]

VW Golf R vs. Audi S3 vs. Mercedes A45 AMG – English subtitled

Almost 1.5 years ago, Audi presented a new S3. It had more power than the previous S3: 300 PS, and Quattro. This is it’s sister model, the 300 PS Golf R. No longer a 6-cylinder engine, but like the Audi a 2.0 4-cyl. 300 PS used to be a lot, but perhaps those days are […]

VW Golf IV R32 Teil 1 | Chiptuning – DSG Upgrade – 100-200 Zeiten | mcchip-dkr

That’s just a cult, I think. But it’s already something else. Good day everybody. Today is a lot going on here, or Kevin? Very loud on the forecourt. The Golf 4 R32 from our car wrapper Folienwerk AT. He said this one is his dream car and he bought it 2 weeks ago. He’s totally […]

Thomas, Percy and Diesel | Hot Turbo Tug-of-War Challenge with Thomas and Friends!

Welcome, my friend, to the turbo tug of war challenge! Give it up to our first contenders! And they will be – Diesel 10 – very powerful engine! And his opponent – Oh, right! – Turbo Thomas! The contenders are ready and we can begin! Oh, man! What a powerful start is being demonstrated by […]


(menacing music) – We’re back for another test. You guys asked for it when we did the tug-of-war. This time we’re doing a full out drag race between the Arkon K350 and Custom Offset’s flagship truck, the CO2. One side, we’ve got the diesel. It’s turbo charged. It’s on a eight inch BDS, and on […]

Volkswagen Golf R 2014 review – Carbuyer

Let’s say you want a practical, desirable and powerful hatchback but the letters GTI aren’t quite good enough for you… then what about R….. This is the new Golf R and it’s the most powerful version of Volkswagen small family hatchbck yet. Under the bonnet is a two-litre turbo engine with 296bhp and it’s mated […]

**TUG OF WAR** John Deere 3032E VS. Kubota L3301

Now, what you all want to see, a straight tug-of-war between a Kubota L3301 and a John Deere 3032E. Here’s our two competitors, we have the John Deere over here on your left-hand side. The John Deere has a weight box here on the back. This is typically a thousand pound Kubota weight box but […]