Cat and Dog Play Tug of War

cat and dog tug of war cats and dogs playing tug of war

The Madcap Tug of War

Hello, we’re Madcap Brothers and this is the good ole fashion Tug of War With paintball guns! With paintball guns.. Do we explain it all here? Yeah. We’re gonna tug of war each other There’s guns on either end of our tug of war And when we tug the war.. the winner wins Basically.. Whoever […]

Ness Seal vs Yippii | Tug Of War | Truck Cartoons For Toddlers | Kids Cartoon Show by Kids Channel

Ness vs Yippi Tug Of War

Air Devil Vs Peril | Tug Of War | CryptoTruck Videos For Kids

Air Devil Vs Peril Tug Of War Crypto Truck

This tiny wasp-inspired drone can pull 40 times its own weight

This tiny robot may look unassuming, but even at a mere 100 grams— about as heavy as a bar of soap— the “FlyCroTug” can pull up to 40 times its own weight.. To create the mighty FlyCroTug — named for its flying, micro, tugging features — researchers took a cue from wasps. Typically, these insects […]

RIT on TV: Mud Tug 2012 Breaks World Record

>>(ADAM CHODACK): Instead of hitting the books this morning, some local college students decided to hit the dirt instead. RIT students got dirty for the 17th annual Mud Tug. It’s a fundraiser for Hillside Family of Agencies. The losing team in each tug-of-war has to take a mud bath.>>(CHRIS STEWART): People love it. They look […]

Teach a Dog to Drop It – Get polite mouth control with Tug

Today we’re talking about how to teach your dog to release things in their mouth. Whatever you’re doing right now—DROP IT!—and watch this video. Ian here with Simpawtico Dog Training and before we take a closer look at Drop It, please make sure you’re subscribed so you never miss any of our videos. Also, don’t […]

Air Devil VS Peril Tug Of War | CryptoTruck Cartoons For Kids

Air Devil Vs Peril Tug Of War