Why attend RIT Mud Tug 2018?

The MudTug is a 10 V 10 tug-of-war event so there’s five big mud pits dug behind Gracie’s and then ten teams on each side of that and they tug for about four hours and usually we have about 100 teams there so it’s pretty pretty big day, thousand participants. And all the money goes […]

Full Body Workout Tug of War Drill – Stick Mobility Exercise

Hey what’s up everybody? Mitch from Stick Mobility. We’ve got Nadine and Luke here with us today. So we’re gonna show you a level one partner drill some push-pull tug-of-war. Here’s your setup, you want to make sure where you guys grab at the end of the stick is right by your waist. So right […]

Thomas, Percy and Diesel | Hot Turbo Tug-of-War Challenge with Thomas and Friends!

Welcome, my friend, to the turbo tug of war challenge! Give it up to our first contenders! And they will be – Diesel 10 – very powerful engine! And his opponent – Oh, right! – Turbo Thomas! The contenders are ready and we can begin! Oh, man! What a powerful start is being demonstrated by […]

Viết Sơn | Thử Thách “Chấp Cả Làng” Kéo Co (Tug Of War)

Tug Of War Start Why so weak You guys pull harder oh, that bad guy…


What up guys welcome back to JK Party, today we are taking it back old school we will be playing tug of war for three rounds. Contrary to popular belief this is not just a strength game, it is a game of teamwork. May the best team win Today, we’re playing tug of war! I […]

Tug of War Challenge – 2016 Maryland Charity Campaign

[Soft Flute] Hello Friends, I’m Secretary Mark Belton, at the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. As you know, here at DNR, we take our participation in the Maryland Charity Campaign very seriously and we’re working hard to exceed our goal…AGAIN…this year; but we also like to have fun while we’re doing it! Today, we DNR […]

Naika Oko – Tug of War

(Errie piano sound) (mysterious music plays) (a loud car engine roars in the distance) ( the sound of gravel gradually gets louder with intense cinematic music) (door opens) (door slams) (chains jingle as the feet shuffle the gravel) (music plays) You push and pull, then leave the girl You seize her world, to start all […]

Tug of War with Lions 🦁 – Massage Heights – Scorpion Studios

We’re here at the San Antonio Zoo with Shane Evans her husband Wayne and their kids. Ah! We Did It! YA! Hey guys, you know what, I’ve got one last surprise for you. what’s this what is What’s this? What is this? I’ve got something really fun planned today. Tug of war with the Lions! […]