Learn How To Snowboard: Front Side 360 | Snowboard Tricks For Freestyle Snowboarding

Yo! My name is Aymeric Tonin. And we are here in Ischgl Snowpark. I’m going to teach you today the frontside 360 Aight!!! A frontside 360 is a … full rotation spin in the air. With the chest … turning into the spin. First, you should check out the kicker. Then hit it with a […]

Funny Football Challenges • KONZI vs MAX

Hi guys! The fist challenge will be a simple crossbar challenge. Each player has 5 shots, the most crossbar hits win. Wow, don’t know why you are explaining this actually! Let’s do thiiis! Let’s go! This won’t be easy, Max! Now you have to hit each shot.. Air Rabona counts for three! Nutmegged! This also […]

Cricket Practice Tips – How to Practice Cricket

Learn These Amazing 1on1 Football Skills in 5 Minutes! – Tutorial

Instructions Step 1 – Step with your right foot over the ball Step 2 – Go on your toes with the other foot, to lift up the ball When the ball passes your knee (right foot), you should lift up the ball over your opponent Step 3 – move your body 180° for lifting up […]

Cricket Coaching Batting Tips

Cricket Coaching Batting Tips How to Use Bowling Machines

Street Football: Where Heroes Are Born!

Mom, I’m going outside! – Oké! Hey Rocky, wanna play on the old court? Bring Nasser, Tom is also coming. Easy Man!

Learn 3 Easy Beginner Football Skills

What is up guys PWG here, and today I’m going to show you guys three simple beginner tricks that I did when I started out freestyle Number three – This trick is called the butterfly lift. So float like a butterfly, sting like a PWG! For this trick, there are three steps. Step over, slap, […]