Huge Volleyball Tournament Kickoff! (Day 1916) | Clintus.tv

(upbeat music) – Good morning, clan. Welcome to Thursday. We’re here at Meemaw and Papa’s house, getting ready to head out to our destinations. Boys are in here brushing their teeth, getting ready to see all the girls, all the volleyball girls. Yeah, brush them teeth, brush them teeth, you forgot a hat, better do […]

Ride on Cars vs Mini Drift Cart Tug o War Challenge!


– What is up, my clan? Welcome to my Monday. I’m up and out of the house getting ready to meet up with Kade from A Ticket Anywhere for our monthly sushi lunch. We talk shop. We talk YouTube. We catch up on personal stuff and we just bro it out once a month. It’s […]

ADDICTED TO VOLLEYBALL (Day 1435) | Clintus.tv

– What is up, my clan? Welcome to Saturday. I’m back with the fam bam, at least most of them. Bryce is with the Bevos because he has a basketball game and I missed Sierra’s tournament last week for Bryce’s basketball game so I made the decision to hang out with Sierra, watch the volleyball […]

Huge Volleyball Tournament inside Cardinals Stadium! Club Volleyball Vlog | Clintus.tv

– Well, hello there guys. Welcome to our big and long volleyball weekend starting here on Friday night at, let’s see– – [Sierra] University of Phoenix– – University of Phoenix Stadium. Known as the Cardinals stadium. So they fill the field with tons of volleyball courts. – How many are there? Seems like a hundred. […]

5 Volleyball Games in 2 Days. How Many Can They Win? | Clintus.tv

(energetic music) (indistinct chatter) – [Clintus] Nice. Go get it. Go get it. Oh, got it. (crowd cheers and applause) – [Woman] Out! – [Clintus] Good job, good job. Oh, good save, good save. Nice! Nice. Nice. Up, up, up, up! Good job, nice job. Ooh, push! Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Come on, Sierra. Get in, stay in, […]

This Girl Loves Volleyball! | Clintus.tv

– [Clintus] Well good morning ladies. – Good morning. Breakfast is served. – [Clintus] Breakfast is served. Sierra made pancakes, Tiffany made bacon. – [Tiffany] Pancakes, huh? (beep) – [Clintus] Morning ladies. – Good morning. – Good morning. Breakfast is served. – [Clintus] We got waffles, Sierra made waffles. Tiffany made pancakes. (Sierra laughs) (beep) […]

2011 – 2012 San Gabriel High School Badminton Recap

Forgot to edit the map out. It is not accurate. We did not travel that far. Forgot to edit the map out. It is not accurate. We did not travel that far. Forgot to edit the map out. It is not accurate. We did not travel that far. Forgot to edit the map out. It […]

Malala on cricket, travel, Bollywood and what she carries in her bag

So my friends and I sometimes play cricket, go out for dinner. We just sit in the garden, doing nothing Which is a problem because sometimes you have to be doing your essay, and you’re doing nothing. I just go crazy for cricket. Like I literally scream when I see a Pakistani player getting out, […]