Everything you need to Know about Dual Clutch Transmission | Hyundai

(cheerful music) – [Narrator] The first time you drove your Hyundai, you might have noticed that its transmission shifts differently than you expected. That’s because it has something in common with today’s supercars: a dual-clutch transmission, or DCT. Conventional automatic transmissions use something called a torque converter in the process of delivering power from the […]

How to Replace a Transmission (Full DIY Guide)

Hey guys ChrisFix here And today i’m gonna show you how to remove and install a transmission in your car or your truck Now the reason why you might need to remove a transmission may be you’re going to send it out to get rebuilt Or maybe you have a clutch that’s wearing out. So […]

How to fix a Kubota’s RTV transmission

Hey guys we had a little mishap this morning we’re looking at is the actuator right here for the gears shift on a board RTV 900 and it’s stuck in Reverse so we basically had to back all the way home back into the garage and now we’re getting around to fixing it so what […]

5 Things You Should Never Do In A Manual Transmission Vehicle

Hello everyone and welcome In this video we’ll be talking about five bad habits that you may fall into driving a manual transmission vehicle. And the reason I’m making this video is because you know behind the scenes there’s a lot of things happening with a manual transmission that you may not be thinking about […]

Motorcycle Bottom End Rebuild | Part 1 of 3: Engine Teardown

Hi, I’m Eric from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC.com. And today I’m going to show you how to split the cases, and to replace crank bearings and a crankshaft. We’ll need some common hand tools, and also some specialty tools made by Tusk. First of all we have our case splitter tool, our circlip pliers, our crank […]

Motorized go-cart (How to)

Hey folks, great you’re watching again! How do you like my excellent bargain! a go-cart.. but.. It doesn’t has cranks that doesn’t drive well but we might have an engine which might fit that’s convenient! a lot of you asked me Show us how to motorize a go-cart This has an engine Good! And we […]

How to Push-Start a Car with a Dead Battery

How to Push-Start a Car with a Dead Battery. Left your lights on at the mall again? Here’s how to get your car started without the use of jumper cables. You will need 1-2 friends and vehicle with a manual transmission. Step 1. Turn your ignition to the “on” position. Step 2. Press the clutch […]

How To Drive A Manual Car for Beginners Step by Step :: Lesson #2 | Manual Transmission Smart

[HOW TO DRIVE A MANUAL CAR :: LESSON 2 ] Hi there Smart Drivers, Rick with Smart Drive Test, talking to you today about how to drive a manual car. This is the second lesson. And if you haven’t looked at the first lesson already, I’ll put a card up here for you in the […]