Wheel Cleaning – How to clean aluminum and chrome plated wheels on all FCA vehicles.

Your wheels have a protective coating to prevent deterioration. But out on the road, they encounter dirt, salt, slush and harsh chemicals—elements that can destroy this protective coating and cause permanent damage. That’s why it’s important to clean your wheels and wheel trim regularly—especially if they’re aluminum or chrome-plated. Abrasive or acidic wheel cleaners, polishing […]

Cushion for car seat back support

hi I’m Bob shrub physical therapist Brad hanok physical therapist and together we are the most famous physical therapist on the internet in our opinion of course Brad is going to show us something to get today in the vehicle right custom car cushioning for your back support now this is my vehicle I bought […]

Bobcat Utility Vehicle Safety

Knowledge is a major and significant ingredient for safety. During the next few minutes, you will learn some basic rules and instructions associated with safe operation of utility vehicles. It is important that you and everyone who operates a utility vehicle understands proper vehicle operation and recognizes situations that could result in an accident, injuring […]

How to check for a jumped timing chain or belt

Suzuki Aerio 2003 με κινητήρα 2.0 L. Η ιστορία αυτού του αυτοκινήτου είναι ότι ήρθε στο συνεργείο για φλάντζα κεφαλής, φυσικά οι καδένες χρονισμού είχαν βγει και μόλις τοποθετήθηκαν όλα πίσω, δεν μπορούσαμε να το βάλουμε εμπρός. Έπαιρνε εμπρός για μερικά δευτερόλεπτα και αμέσως έσβηνε. Αυτό που πρόκειται να κάνουμε γι’ αυτό το αυτοκίνητο, είναι […]

Setup & Controls : SOLUS Ultra™ (Pt. 1/8) | Snap-on Training Solutions®

Snap-on Training Solutions helps you get the most out of your SOLUS Ultra diagnostic tool. This training module covers the basic setup and controls. Before operating or maintaining SOLUS Ultra, read the safety instructions and user manual carefully paying extra attention to the safety warnings and precautions. To install the battery pack, pull the folding […]

Practicing on the Golf Course Video, with Arjun and Kanata | GLT VLOG 001

it’s chilly I think it feels great yeah if it was windy it would suck yeah Hello Arjun! Hello Iain Ben how’s it going? I’m good how are you? pretty good Hey you’re such a pretty boy! Hey you’re such a pretty boy! hey guys Iain Highfield here co-founder of game like training and mental […]

Symptoms and Causes of Low Fuel Pressure Part II (new fuel pump)

alright, I guess we’ll call this part 2 of our fuel pump, right? because we already did our part 1 video so what I wanted to do before we put this pump in, is show you guys one thing that I was not able to show cause I have had the car at a no […]