What is Olympic Archery?

Although there is a general rule in the archery community where no style of archery is better than another, some people have a view on modern archery and its equipment that is kind of negative. This is particularly true for the Olympic style of archery. Traditionalists will look at their sights and stabilizers and go […]

CLUB VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS! (Day 1722) | Clintus.tv

(bass notes) – Good morning, clan. Welcome to Saturday here in Tampa. Sitting outside my hotel, waiting for my Uber rider to get here, and going to be heading off to breakfast with the gang. Half of them already left, the other half are sleeping. So I’m the lone straggler. But I’m super excited. We’re […]

Volleyball Olympic Qualifications (Men)


– Good morning clan. Welcome to Monday, President’s Day here in the U.S. Day three of Sierra’s volleyball tournament. The final day. Single elimination. They win their first game they move on. They lose, we go home. – So they play, ref, play but if they lose their first game then it’s play, ref, then […]

Football tournament inside a Cathedral…

We’re absolutely delighted today, the place is buzzing! I think it’s fantastic to see young people enjoying sport right next to and inside the cathedral Yeah I think you’ve got to make churches and cathedrals more inclusive nowadays to get the younger generation to come in It’s really good and people get to be free […]

FIRST VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT (1.23.16 – Day 1393) | Clintus.tv

– Good morning. It’s Saturday. It’s sports Saturday. We’re heading off to Bryce’s basketball game. That’s the first order of business. But then, shortly after that, we make our trip to Gilbert, Arizona which is about an hour ten away for Sierra’s first volleyball tournament. Whoop whoop. We’re super excited. We’re rocking our Sniper shirts. […]

13 Nationals vs 15 Open Club Volleyball Scrimmage | Clintus.tv

(upbeat music) – [Clintus] Aw, Mommy’s doing your hair in the kitchen? That’s so nice. – He needs to stop growing or else I’m not going to be able to help him anymore. – [Clintus] I know, you are on your tippy toes trying to reach on top (laughs). – When showers at night, when […]


– Good morning. Happy Saturday, Saturday. It’s been a while since we’ve had just a chill Saturday morning. The girls have surprised us boys with some breakfast. We’ve got some over hard eggs with Cholula, toast with peanut butter and bananas and some orange juice. That’s so nice of you. – And she’s going to […]