13 yr old Golfing in MLB Park!

What’s inside the WORLD’S LONGEST Golf Club?

The Blind Golf Champion | In Focus | Topgolf

[MUSIC] I don’t know of the exact age, but I have been golfing since I was a little kid. [MUSIC] I started playing competitively in middle school, played three years varsity in high school, and I played every Sunday from when I was 12 till I was 17 with my dad. [MUSIC] Golf for me […]

Anthony Anderson Attempts Golfing World Record | Record Breakers | Topgolf

– [Announcer] And here it is folks. Anthony Anderson is about to set a Guinness Book of World Records Title for the longest usable golf club. (club snaps) (screams in anger) (dynamic music) – Welcome to Record Breakers, where the biggest names break the world’s biggest records. I’m your host Jareb Dauplaise. We’re coming to […]

Top Golf Bags of 2018

What’s going on. Colton and Mike back here with the top golf bags of 2018. We’re gonna take them on the course on our beautiful Phat Scooters. Are we ready to go?>>Let’s rock!>>Let’s roll. Vessel Bags creates luxury, handcrafted golf bags with the highest quality of material, all the way down to the last stitch. […]

Practicing on the Golf Course Video, with Arjun and Kanata | GLT VLOG 001

it’s chilly I think it feels great yeah if it was windy it would suck yeah Hello Arjun! Hello Iain Ben how’s it going? I’m good how are you? pretty good Hey you’re such a pretty boy! Hey you’re such a pretty boy! hey guys Iain Highfield here co-founder of game like training and mental […]