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Be the worlds greatest feeder – Badminton Famly

How can you be the best feeder in the world? Perhaps just a really good feeder? And why is it good to be able to be a good multishuttle feeder? well, the answer is very simple. If I am good as a feeder my sparring partner will have much better chances of using all the […]

Cricket Coaching Batting Tips How to Use Bowling Machines


How To Get Good At Your Badminton Shots

Hi. My name is John Webb. I’ve been a badminton coach for over 15 years and I’m going to show you some tips on how to play badminton. Hi. I’m going to talk to you about some badminton techniques which really help improve your game. Some techniques really, when you’re just coming in as a […]

World´s most popular deception trick shot – Badminton Famly

Today I want to show you a really cool deception shot. I’m at the net very close to the net. It can also be used further away from the net. I want to show my opponent that I’m doing a cross net shot and just before doing that I’m actually pulling back doing the straight […]

The Best Golf Swing Rotation Drill!

they’re so good had to get a second one today we’re talking about golf swing rotation how do we get the rotation we need to produce the results we want let’s do it right now oh if you haven’t yet subscribed to the channel hit the subscribe button and the building notification so you don’t […]