Archery | Illegal Draws

Do you know how to draw a bow? No, not with a pencil. I mean actually doing a shot. Do you? I mean, you do archery, right? So, of course you do. Well, here’s something interesting. In the December 2013 edition of Archery Insights the newsletter for Archery Australia it was pointed out that in […]

Archery | Vanes – XS Wings

By now you’ve probably heard of Spin-Wings. These performance vanes are the choice of professionals, along with similar vanes, such as Kurlys and EliVanes. Easy to put on, they can improve accuracy thanks to the extra spin generated. Most competitive archers will be familiar with these vanes. However, they are not without their shortcomings. Unlike […]

How to Play: Pickleball

A Life Lesson from Cricket by Pujya Gurudevshri Rakeshbhai

Just imagine that you have a competitor. Who wishes that you don’t succeed at any cost. He has an entire team. And he purposefully comes out in public, right in front of you and acts against you. How would you feel? But a cricketer does not. One batsman walks in the midst of 11 opponents, […]

Volleyball Explained: How do we organize our game against a strong serve?

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– Welcome, Adam Bazalgette, back in beautiful Mediterra Club in Naples, Florida. I’m two-time PGA Teacher of the Year award winner. Today’s subject, one we’ve had a lot of requests for. It’s an important one in golf, the pre-shot routine. (exciting electronic music) So for golf, the pre-shot routine, it’s a very, very important thing. […]

How to STICK SMASH Cross Court Around the Head, Badminton

in this video we’re gonna talk about the cross stick smash in around the head corner and I am gonna talk about the four key points to this job. The first key point which is also the main key point to this shot is the use of the forearm rotation. We want the swing to […]


Hi, I’m Don Peterson of the Swing Factory Golf Center here in Woodstock, Georgia just north of Atlanta. As a teacher, you try to come up with a different ways to explain thing to people and I have two analogies to share with you today that help me explain centrifugal force to my students. Centrifugal […]